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Down below at the end of the snaking path, a wide private tennis court rounds out the amenities of the residence s exterior Such a flat playing surface would not have been possible without re sculpting the land the home sits on View in gallery luxury los angeles house with rooftop decks Beyond the front gates at the

The invention itself, however, both as to its organization and its method of operation, together with additional objects and advantages thereof, will best be understood from the following The cant strip is placed with its vertical surface tightly engaging the layer and its horizontal surface resting upon the deck .

May , As you may remember, the crew planned the joist spacing at oc since they were installing a manufactured composite decking surface For traditional pressure treated wood ) what is the best way to keep these roof joists from warping sagging in the long run Any guidance would be much

Oct , atmosphere, a white roof should act like a natural anti warming device, while also reducing your energy costs by keeping your house cool in the summer found in a new paper in the Journal of Climate that while white surfaces cooled houses, they also reduced cloudiness, allowing more sunlight to reach

This mobile home roof over article goes over the three top material choices for mobile home roof overs for both flat and pitched roofs The subject of whether it s a good idea to add a second layer of shingles is much debated in the roofing industry Otherwise, that heat will flow direct to the roof deck and into the attic.

Watch this video for tips on how to clean and stain a wood deck or other exterior wood surfaces to prolonging the life and look of the wood Back brush the stain into the wood when applying with a sprayer or roller Allow the stain to dry the recommended time before applying additional coats Watch this video to find out

They should be an inch or two below the top of the form before you attach them to the fiber cement with coated deck screws Depending on the terrain you may need to excavate a little or a lot of dirt from within the forms Compact the soil within the forms using a tamp before you begin spreading the paver base material out

Feb , [I]nsureds purchased a home with an overlaid or comp over wood shingle style roof The roof was comprised of an outer or top layer of composition (asphalt) singles and an underneath layer of wood singles that served as the nailable surface or decking to which the composition shingles were

Apr , Creating a level surface between the interior floors and an exterior deck is a clean and highly functional aesthetic that might typically go unnoticed Subsequently, the design of decks over habitable areas are delicate solutions and once good assemblies are figured out and dn up in the office, we tend

Jul , For the deck s surface, the Sagatovs chose mahogany planks the will eventually morph to a subtly silver shade, and they engineered the space to hold a hot tubjust in case That shower, tucked away in the corner It s actually really private, says Michelle It s the perfect spot to cool off on a summer

May , While bricks may be an acceptable deck surface for a stationery mobile home roof, the rooftop of a traveling high speed motorhome has roof surface edges of the motorhome rooftop, and to be adjustable in height by lowering or raising the position of the streamline cowlings during installation to best suit

And the back and the seat surfaces are being covered by the same material we used on the rest of the deck for consistency It s also a good choice because the rounded edges mean less chance of splinters For the roof of David s grilling area, we re creating a decorative cut on the end of the rafters because they ll end

Apr , The biggest challenge in finding Chicago condos for sale with a roof deck is filtering out those condos that have access to a common roof deck from those a condo with a roof deck, keep in mind that the condo association may need to pull up boards in your deck, if access to the roof s surface is needed.

Jul , For the best performance, an insulation material needs to fill the whole space, with no gaps, voids, compression, or incompletely filled areas of spray foam is that it allows you to move the building envelope the boundary between conditioned and unconditioned space from the attic floor to the roof line.

In order for concrete stain to penetrate and work properly, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry before staining To clean concrete, apply QUIKRETE Cleaner, Etcher, and Degreaser to the concrete, then use a scrub brush to clean the surface Make sure to follow all the instructions on the container and

I ve got a pine tree that s been attacked by borers and has dripped sap all over my garage roof, backyard deck, and patio and lift degraded surface fibers and other surface contaminates, and b) remove stains from wood extractives and fungal growth are recommended for optimal surface restoration.