roll on deck laminate panel

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H BETJEMANN DEMOUNTABLE SHIPPING GONDOLAS Sheets Sheet Filed Sept In practice, a container or gondola may be withd n from its cell and placed on the ships deck by the traveling gantry crane, and then lifted from the deck by a flying crane, to be flown inland to a marshalling area or to any other

H G SNYDER Nw, , o BOWLING ALLEY Sheets Sheet Filed Oct , Haiwzz, G ZW , H G sNYDER ,,l Also, when a softer material, such as asphalt or an asphalt mix is used, a hot sun will soften the bowling deck or rolling surface and soon this surface becomes so marred and full of

Jul , , a method of installing the Pitch Pocket will now be described with the construction being shown generally at A steel angle iron brace (support or post) with a four hole mounting plate welded thereto is bolted with bolts to a roof deck A sheet metal contractor slides a four sided metal pitch

Nov , The method of claim wherein said advancing comprises advancing said first face sheet from a first roll and advancing said second face sheet from a second roll One common sandwich structure, typically referred to as a honeycomb structure, includes thin face sheet laminates and a honeycomb core.

The illustrated disposable protective sheeting is a multi layer laminate similar to that described above but it is sized and shaped as a continuous web so that it can be stored and shipped in roll form and cut to length and attached to the panels of decking material at the construction site after the panels of decking

Nov , If thermoplastic films are used as the encapsulating layers, then the continuous, laminated heater sheet is d n into another roll stack laminating seats, instruments, controls, interior panels, galley and lavatory seats in boats including ferry seats, deck, railings, galley and lavatory warming counter and

A light weight structural composite panel adapted for use in a vertical orientation in an underground worker protection system is disclosed The panel comprises first These resin binders can be applied to the fiber reinforcing materials through the use of rolling, spraying, d ing or pressing mechanisms In one preferred

Oct , The system includes an arrangement to lock at least one seat pallet flush and rigidly secured to the aircraft deck, for the passenger transport the seat pallet are retractable displacement means attached on at least one seat underframe of the seat pallet on which a non bearing floor panel is rigidly secured,

Jun , A laminated shell structure as recited in claim , wherein said coupling devices include spaced strips of fiberglass cloth sheet, and said fastening devices have the transverse portion thereof on the outercoat side of said cloth sheet and the projecting portion extending through said cloth sheet and projecting

Oct , A load bearing deck structure is made from at least one sandwich panel formed of a ploymer matrix composite material The sandwich panel comprises a plurality of A deck according to claim , wherein said upper sheet is a laminate material A deck according to claim , wherein said lower sheet is

The deck panels include a support having a pair of opposed sides, opposed ends, and an arcuate portion having a convex surface and an opposite concave In a non limiting preferred practice of the invention, the support and structural cover are roll formed from steel coils of the appropriate gauge and coating.

Aug , The patent also discloses a release sheet applied to the one side of the membrane for purposes of protection In applications in which more than one course of the membrane is applied to the roof deck or underlayment, adjacent rolls need to be adhered to each other by overlapping in offset pattern

Oct , The adhesive sheet is cured forming a honeycomb core panel having thermal insulation barrier between the core and face sheets provided by the second The core is then shaped into the desired contour as by passing through the nips of forming rolls or the like with the bonded adhesive and the peel ply

Jun , a print sheet overlay secured to the top surface of each one or more homogeneous panel to impart a decorative effect simulating a laminated wood grain to the A method of constructing an improved bowling lane to be used by bowlers who roll balls on the lane in a game of bowling, comprising the steps.

Jan , A laminate system of claim wherein the intumescent composition comprises from to percent by weight dry basis of the porous sheet material coatings have been applied as films, i.e paints or mastic coatings, directly to the surface to be protected in liquid form by brushing, rolling or spraying.

Thus the novel structures of the invention as produced in the factory, stored and brought to the site are in the form of laminates of the protective coating, the membrane and either a sheet like support (the first type) or a second protective coating (the second type) The structures are conveniently available in the form of rolls.