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, A retaining wall system is constructed in several distinct layers Each layer is formed of a side by side arrangement of I shaped subassemblies with backfill chambers defined between each pair of subassemblies Each subassembly is constructed of generally planar elongated concrete blocks which

FIGURE is aplan view in the direction of the open face of a preferred embodiment of the invention in the form of a building block inthe shape of a rectangular parallelepiped of hollow construction with one open face and four side walls FIGURE shows a section of the block shown in FIGURE , along the line in the

, A veneer panel system is used with a wall or a retaining wall to provide a natural stone appearance and or to improve the appearance of an existing wall or the blocks may be provided with one or more protruding elements that interlock with one or more corresponding recesses in an adjacent block.

, TOY BUILDING BRICK Nils I Paulson, Chicago, Ill assigner to Balsam Products Company, Chicago, Ill a corporation of Illinois Application e , for the building of main walls with additions, porticoes, chimneys, porches, steps, canopies or interior partitions in interlocking engagement with the main walls.

, A mortarless interlocking building block for a building block system comprising a single light weight block of the standard building block dimensions molded from plastic and configured to be separable into three quarter, half and one quarter sizes for accommodating prescribed wall dimension lengths and

, The panels are used in the construction of retaining walls for earthen formations and may be precast or formed in place at the situs of the formations The prior art teaches the provision of T or Z shaped blocks which interlock and are held against separation by clips extending across grooves in the blocks

, A modular synthetic plastic concrete form structure for forming a concrete wall or free form or an enclosure having a curved corner The sections each have means on upper and lower edges and at opposite vertical edges of interlocking the section in stacked end to end engagement with one another.

, If desired, a substantially planar reinforcing structure can be placed between layers of bricks, resulting in a horizontally reinforced wall structure the at least some of the bricks having the aperture therethrough comprise a first type of adobe brick having an aperture comprising a hollow core and a second

, A brick wall built using a brick laying pattern known as Flemish bond Masonry is Masonry is commonly used to make the walls of buildings, retaining walls, and monuments Brick is The friction between interlocking blocks of masonry is often strong enough to provide a great deal of strength on its own.

, ,, to Bender discloses special corner blocks, but is without interlocking features on the upper and lower block surfaces and does not provide for reinforcing rods No known prior mortarless block construction system provides secure T intersections and crossing wall intersections Bond beam

When installed properly, the combination of the pavers, bedding sand, edge restraint and joint sand causes them to interlock, allowing them to work as a unified, Corner blocks with the rockface on two sides are available for the TerraceWall, Mesa Retaining Wall, Coventry Wall and StoneWall SELECT systems.

Mar , The use of very thin precast concrete trunated conical sections, or beach cones installed with interlocking leak resistant interstitial wave blocks in a simple ,,, a similar retaining wall structure of longer cylindrical elements which are heavier and more stable than the Barnett Patent is shown.

, A retaining wall building block comprises a face wall and two side walls extending rearwardly from the face wall from the opposite ends thereof with the face wall and two side walls being shaped and arranged such that the block has a generally C shaped configuration as viewed from above An ear

, Each block is grooved in its opposite ends and recessed in its central web for the reception of wedge elements or keys formed of plastic or the like Adjacent blocks in each course are interlocked and the courses of walls constructed from the blocks in either a stacked bond or running bond are mechanically

, Each interlocking module comprises a portion of a course in a block wall made of cementitious material, e.g a concrete masonry unit or insulating concrete foam ,,, to Price, shows a retaining wall comprising blocks shaped to prevent the escape of material used to fill the cavities of the wall while

, A plurality of courses of masonry blocks form block wall panels, each of the blocks in the panels having horizontal mortarless voids therein, the horizontal and vertical joints between adjacent courses being interlocking and mortarless Selected courses of masonry blocks have a horizontal reinforcing rod

, In laying up building walls with staggered courses of similar blocks lacking closed bottoms and bar notches, and periodically a course of distribution blocks, in end to end, tongue and groove interlocking, abutting relation to horizontally adjacent blocks and with mortared bed joints between said courses .

, The dry stacked interlocking masonry system consists of compressed earth interlocking blocks or concrete interlocking blocks or fly ash interlocking blocks Plain dry stacked units can be used for retaining walls, foundation walls, partitions, and load bearing walls up to about feet tall in structures not

BY Awanhmawf W ORNE KS United States Patent ,, INTERLOCKING BLOCKS AND WALL CONSTRUCTION Carl R Sams, Ottawa Ave Oscoda, (Cl ) This invention relates to building blocks and walls made up of rigid, thermosetting plastics and polymeric material as well as other materials.

A completed wall may be grouted through interconnecting cavities in the hollow blocks to provide additional strength Claims, D ing Figures PATENTED JUN I I SHEET CONSTRUCTION ASSEMBLY AND METHOD INCLUDING INTERLOCKING BLOCKS BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Concrete block

, a compressible liner completely surrounding the hole of each pre cast block, wherein the lightweight concrete does not encase an upper surface and a lower surface of the compressible liner, the US , , , , , Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc Column block system.

, How to Build a Retaining Wall DIY garden retaining walls will help make your garden more beautiful and functional Use concrete interlocking blocks, cinder blocks or poured concrete for long lasting DIY rock retaining walls in your garden.

, A retaining wall block has parallel top and bottom faces, a front face, a rear face, first and second side wall faces and a vertical plane of symmetry extending between the front and rear faces The block is formed as a body portion including the front face, a head portion including the rear face and a neck

, Numerous types of interlocking building implements have been provided in the prior art without widespread acceptance ion the industry For example A mortarless concrete block retaining wall is formed from special blocks arranged in setback tiers and interlocked by special offset pins Each block is

, The retaining wall is formed from several rows of such plastic blocks with the blocks in an upper row stacked upon the blocks in an adjacent lower row below the upper row a second portion of the keyway interlock on the decorative facing panel to interlock the decorative facing panel to the plastic body .