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Mar , The rug you choose will be dictated as much by personal taste as by practical considerations, says Kate Mooney of Houseology Before you consider colors and patterns, decide which material will go below your feet and why, she says Ask yourself some questions What is the room used for Who uses it

Feb , Different materials create different moods A newly wed couples or those who have just moved in to live together can pick Wicker, which creates a romantic effect You can use wrought iron and metal for a more Victorian and retro feel Bamboo is also starting to become a popular option for patio furniture as

Jun , Using ecofriendly materials isn t rare anymore it s easy to choose kitchen cabinetry that contributes to a healthy home and family, as long as you know what to look for Get the guide Ecofriendly Kitchen Healthier Kitchen Cabinets Contemporary Kitchen by Don Harris, Architect Don Harris, Architect.

May , Homeowners face many material choices for their landscapes, and choosing the most resilient and low maintenance material that also has the look you want Decking is the most common use for composite timber, and it can be used as an outdoor floor anywhere porch, terrace, balcony or boardwalk.

Weight If you choose to use a tall container, you have to make sure it has enough weight in the bottom so it won t fall over If you intend to move the container around frequently, it d be best to go with a lightweight container made from synthetic materials (such as a sand bucket or a plastic drum) Material While most

Aug , Each manufacturer has proprietary systems available for connecting the channel glass to the underlying structure as well as an array of finishes, colors and textures to choose from The material itself is manufactured in Europe, where it s been in common use for more than years These manufacturers

Dec , The inner life of seat cushions There are a few different ways to construct a seat cushion, and the inside design determines a seat s level of support and comfort Most cushions are constructed with a supportive core surrounded by a soft layer It s the materials in those parts that determine the firmness of the

May , Look closely and you will notice the narrow stainless steel trim around its perimeter, which serves as a transition between the glass and the counter material Keep in mind that glass cooktops are scratchable, and they require specific creamy cleansers and immediate cleanup after spills You will also want

Nov , Solution Choose a fun runner If you want to do a different carpet on the stairs from the one you re using on the upper floor, use a runner rather than wall to wall Even though it s just a bit of hard flooring showing around the edges, when you re using a really bold pattern (like the one shown here), it makes

Sep , When choosing your exterior finishes, consider location, maintenance and natural aging.

Aug , Choosing this first might help you narrow down your tile selection Tip Many of these tile choices require a special setting material, such as tile cement or mortar, so make sure your steam shower is designed with this in mind Modern Bathroom Modern Bathroom This large format porcelain tile offers great

Oct , If the array of curtains, shades and shutters for windows is leaving you baffled about the best choice, here s professional help.

Nov , And unlike busy parts of the home such as the hallway and family room, where practicality is likely to steer your design choices, low traffic bedrooms give you license to indulge in sophisticated materials such as plush and oversized loop pile carpet Most of our customers will select a more luxurious carpet

Jun , If you have ever found yourself staring at a wall marked up with dozens of sample colors, yet still no closer to finding the right shade, you have come to the right place In this three part series, we will be discussing ways to get over your paint color paralysis, get inspired to find color all around you and, finally,

Aug , Choose a countertop that s durable and easy to clean Justrich recommends looking into granite or composite materials like Caesarstone first For a bigger statement, go for stainless steel, zinc or natural wood Aim for light, smooth and reflective materials Large format tiles or slabs of stone will minimize

How do you choose whether it s best to build a patio or a deck There are various things you Quicker, easier construction, especially if raised above ground level Natural looking material Slightly cheaper depending on wood used The design shapes you use play an even more critical role than which materials you use.