low temperature plastic extrusion machine

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BB Extrusion presses Dies therefor using screws or worms using two or more screws working in the same chamber I have noted in connection with soap, when operating at a low temperature, say at F for example, if the discharge valve is so regulated that a high pressure is built up, that without additional

My machine reverses this principle and applies heat at a lower temperature to a constantly agitated mass of material over an extended period of time for handling thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials but it also eliminates the necessity for separate machines for injecting and extruding thermoplastics.

Sep , The present invention provides a heat sealable polyester composition having an amorphous processing window ranging from a Tg in the range of about °C to about °C, to a Tcg in the range of about °C to about °C The composition preferably contains a mixture of poly(ethylene terephthalate)

, (a communication from thePlax Corporation), the plastic composition is extruded through a very long die (the examples specify dies over ft long) end of the die being kept at a temperature sufficiently low to preclude change in dimensions of the extruded article (apart from thermal contraction) after leaving the die.

Jan , Antagonistic relationships have been observed between the amount of impact modifier and resulting melt flow rate, heat deflection temperature, tensile modulus There are few references in the literature dealing with compounding CPVC for low shear extrusion such as for the manufacture of plastic piping.

The invention pertains, in one of its more specific aspects, to hydrostatic thrust bearings that are adapted to be advantageously utilized in machines having parallel is a top plan view of a twin screw plastic extruder that is equipped with a thrust bearing according to this invention, the thrust bearing temperature control

October, PolyK is now official exclusive sales agent in North America for Guangzhou Potop for their plastic and rubber processing machines and rheometers They are one of the best manufacturers of the lab scale extruders and film orientation machines and others They have sold over machines to many

May , During or after extrusion, the gas is dissolved in the wood plastic melt material The material expands which The apparatus of claim , where the assembly acts as a molding cooler to quickly lower the temperature of the extruded material and thus shape the outer profile of the plank The apparatus of

An extrusion machine with improved structure, comprising an internally hollow extrusion cylinder, at least one heating element associated with the extrusion of hard workability the working temperature is close to the degradation temperature of said compounds, the production rate must be reduced in order to allow the

Other manufacturers have more or less eliminated crack formation by employing fat formulas of low titer, or melting point Now in my work in the plodding of plastic milled soap, I have discovered that the presence of the perforated plate in theplodding machine sometimes operates so as to defeat its own purpose.

An apparatus and method for manufacturing corrugated plastic drainage tubing and which comprises an extruder having an extrusion die for extruding a smooth speeds below full capacity to reduce the overall temperature of the blow molding apparatus such that the tube exits therefrom at a somewhat lower temperature.

Modern resins are extruded in a wide range of operating temperatures with an upper limit in the neighborhood of F and higher Also, such resins are, themselves, poor heat conductors Accordingly, there exists a requirement for extruder heating apparatus which concentrates the available heat within the plastic

Within the meaning of the present invention, the term cryoextrusion should be understood to mean an extrusion method performed at low temperature, preferably around the freezing point of the food product, more preferably just below the starting freezing point of the food product, even more preferably between ° C.

It should be noted that the extrusion tools used to shape plastic compounds, which are extruded at relatively low temperatures, and the mounting means for these tools, such as the die , the die holder and the die retaining nut s, are preferably made of materials having a relatively high coefiic ent or thermal

Dec , A process for reducing polymer surging, lowering pressure and temperature fluctuations, and reducing polymer degradation while providing good overall throughput rate when plasticating and extruding low bulk density polycarbonate materials The process involves a two stage extrusion screw having a

Mar , Each of the extrusion holes is defined by a defining surface of the die body wherein at least a portion of the defining surface has a low friction coating deposited thereon A method for applying the low friction coating to the defining surface wherein the applying step occurs at a temperature equal to less than

Sealing or orifice or slot is accomplished by the deckle bar that includes a strip made of graphite impregnated asbestos, a fluorocarbon plastic such as Teflon, or like material which has the characteristics of low friction coefiicient, temperature resistance, and sufiicient resiliency to conform to the bottom surfaces of die

Unfortunately, the known methods of blow extrusion cannot be applied to polyvinyl alcohol to give successful products without first being extensively modified Ordinary practice produces film which may lEUCk flexibility to the extent of being brittle, especially at low temperatures and under conditions of varying humidity.

A monitoring system for a plastic injection molding machine adapted to measure the temperature and pressure of the material being plasticized and injected and determinations which are connected in electrical circuitry adapted to compare the sensed information with selected and adjustable upper and lower limits and to

This invention relates to a heat control device intended for attachment to a plastic extrusion or molding machine With thermo plastic material flowing through the space I in the tube I, and at a lower temperature than desired for the fabrication of the plastic, the thermostats in the openings and operate to energize

Oct , Disclosed is a screw extruder apparatus, having passages to drain melt as formed into a central bore of the screw, which is physically separated by seal The flights of the screw between said low pressure end and the seal means are pitched to advance plastic toward said seal and the flights of the screw

Nov , A process for forming a stable cellular wood plastic composite of low density comprising a mixing finely ground wood flour with plastic in an extruder to form The temperature of the extruder used in the present invention is controlled by the extrusion speed, external extruder heaters, shearing action and

Because of the low thermal conductivity of plastic materials and the inefficient mixing of the plastic materials inside an extruder, the heat is not evenly melting capacity of the extruder, a lower temperature of the molten plastic material discharged from the extruder and a higher energy efficiency of the extrusion process.

Dec , Also, rubber will cure at relatively low temperatures and cannot tolerate high temperatures during the processing and extrusion thereof Plastics generally are extruded at very high temperatures, for example, between ° C and ° C without any degrading or adverse effect on the plastics.

METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EXTRUDING PLASTIC PIPE AND THE LIKE FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to improvements in method and This is particularly true with polyvinyl chloride pipe because of a need to process it at a low temperature and in a narrow temperature range to avoid burning

A plastic extrusion apparatus is provided which includes a gear pump for accurately metering the plastic through a die The apparatus is adapted to process highly viscous plastic material under high temperature and pressure conditions, and the gear pump includes a non leaking and substantially frictionless seal for the

Jul , ID Innovation offers an optional water cooling block that can be attached to the extruder As they explain, the temperature is so high that fan based approaches are simply not viable here, whereas they may work for machines at lower temperatures Part of their print speed is obtained through the use of a