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vision for the entry is to update the front door (with something like this to let in more light), add medium toned hardwood throughout the entire main floor to keep the floors consistent, simplify the banister, remove the carpet from the stairs and replace with wood, add bulkier white trim to the baseboards and around the doors

Feb , When a truck gets to the point the driver seat has a sink hole big enough to swallow a small child, rain coming in through the weatherstrips around the doors looks like a water fall, and the door panels have more cracks than the Mojave, it s time to do something A great example of a basically solid truck that

Sep , In most design magazines these days you see beautiful white shiny trim, doors, and molding It s pretty much the standard for crown, baseboard, Our baseboards are inches tall and the molding around the windows is inches plus the headers This one below is inches also You can t readily buy this

Mar , Step Remove the Old Doors Steve and his crew completely removed the old doors and door trim If there had been a conveniently sized nailer secured to the block wall underneath the trim, they would have left it intact and reused it As it was, they couldn t reuse any of the old door components Save.

You can trim the bubble wrap with scissors We also have a large sliding glass door to the backyard, since we can t cover this we will be getting thick drapes from Bed Bath Beyond to help block the cold! It was then I noticed that the gap around the windows and doors under the trim was never stuffed with insulation.

Aug , When I painted our back patio door black recently, it just wasn t packing the punch that I wanted it to The door is mostly glass, so the small amount of black on the door just wasn t doing much I decided to go ahead and paint the trim surrounding the door to make it look more dramatic And it worked Here is

They needed to be updated too No more shiny metallic gold How to paint your front door, Petticoat Junktion paint metal storm door This is how the front door looked after the paint job and the hardware spray paint makeover which you can see here I hated the white metal around the glass storm door I asked my husband if

Watch this video to see how to enhance curb appeal by replacing an entry door, installing a new mailbox, and improving the landscaping in the yard Yellow stained glass on the sides of the front door So it just We ll seal around it on the bottom, add a little bit of trim on the outside, and we should be good to go.

May , DIY Fix How to Repair a Broken Glass Door Pane While wearing protective gloves, carefully remove the broken glass from the door frame and discard it Tip With the paint and brush handy, take the opportunity to do a little touch up painting around the house where you ve used the same paint color.

Jul , I investigated all kinds of options for installing french door screen doors, but they were all so expensive, such as retracting screens, replacing the glass in the doors for windows screens I just wasn t sold I wanted to come up with an affordable way for ANYONE to have screen doors I even thought of

The storm door trim around the glass was white and it really stood out I didn t figure I had much to lose metal storm door painted Petticoat Junktion Please ignore the cobwebs.I did warn you blue metal storm door Petticoat Junktion I took photos of the door in various areas so you could see how well the paint has held up

Jul , There s no hard and fast rule about carrying the color that s on the front of the door back around to the inside of it (in our last two houses we chose bright colors on the front and plain old white for the back) but for the first time ever we have sidelights and we want to d attention to them So bringing that

Found a mini french door at the ReStore to repurpose into a Transom Window Built the column We got the column up and attached to the window and added some trim to the top Building our entryway from scratch I already see how we are going to love the way the light streams through the beveled glass D.P Interior

Jul , Specifically, the trim around one of our exterior windows was rotting away How can There is a special kind made for windows and doors that won t expand with enough force to bind the window Keep working your way around the window filling cracks, voids, holes, and whatever else gets in your way.

When replacing a broken or cracked glass window pane in your home, be sure to wear protective gloves Here s how to go about it Use a utility knife, scraper, chisel, or in painter s tool to remove the old glazing and metal fasteners around the broken pane Carefully remove the broken pieces of glass Measure the

Dec , One solution that has been around for a while is the window insert, an acrylic window that fits inside your existing windows, often held in place with The less efficient a building, the greater the temperature difference between your skin and the temperatures of the walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings.

Feb , ZGF recently completed an office project for a law firm, Stoel Rives, which wanted timber trim framing around glass walls and doors to complement the office s wood floors, walls, and ceilings On the other hand, ZGF converted an old warehouse in Portland, Ore to office space for the children s clothes

Apr , Attach trim I used liquid nails construction adhesive to attach the non wood trim I scavenged around our house This was a low budget door, after all How to Create a Hand Built Door with Frosted Glass Pane by Sunnyside Up stairs Timbron and non wood trim are not my ideal, but they were inexpensive,

Aug , We quickly removed the trim, pulled the sliders out and backed out all of the screws in the metal track and frame The tracks out and the area has been shop vacuumed There are four doors in this series of sliding glass door panels Since the two doors hook together at the fin, the inner two have to be

Sep , We show you how readers are making their own door lites for mid century modern style front entry doors very affordable, using a local glass shop! Each thermo pane would sit inside (centered in the depth) of a typically door, with trim around the thermo pane, inside and out, to hold it in Perhaps

Sep , On top of the hardware (hinges, dooknob, strike plate) the doorway itself was made up of three separate trim pieces All of which we d be Now that the door closed well, I could attach the strike plate (where the door latches), and nail in the stop molding around the jamb I was pretty darn happy with how it

The seal between the panes of glass on insulated windows can leak over time, allowing moisture to accumulate between the glass To replace a fogged glass window pane Measure the size of the glass and order a replacement Take the muntins off the inside of the window Remove the trim strips around the outside of the

Sep , Think about this, in many instances the only things stopping a robber from kicking open your front door are inch screws, some thin metal (in the form of hinges and strike plates), and at best a wimpy inch piece If so, you ll definitely appreciate how to burglar proof your glass doors and windows now!