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After two centuries of subsequent Muslim invasions from North Africa, the Arabs had conquered most of Sicily by AD Each of these outside forces The animals on this inlaid ceiling panel are all associated with the royal court, where they were kept as curiosities, as pets or for hunting The complex geometrical design

May , South Africa has experienced severe water shortages, with almost m people having no access to a reliable water supply between and project and were inspired by both the infrastructure industry and the building itself, which came with curved glass windows and intricate timber clad ceilings.

Sep , At the fringe of Nairobi, five kilometers from the Kenyan capital s centre, sits the biggest urban slum in Africa Making my way through the slum s pathways I wonder why clean energy solutions seem to be unexplored here, while in rural areas the race for electrification is so often fueled by solar panels.

Jul , BBC Somali s editor Yusuf Garaad Omar talks about the situation in the region.

Apr , Gypsum board is the generic name for a family of panel type products consisting of a noncombustible core, primarily of gypsum, with a paper surfacing on the face, back, and long edges Most South Africans are very familiar with ceiling boards as being of a gypsum construction Currently ceiling boards are

Feb , We ve collected seven pioneers of Africa s architectural awakening read on after the break for the full article and infographic The buildings, shaped to mimic local forms and take advantage of solar panels, would be perfectly suited to exploiting water based transport and heavily resistant to problematic

Jun , As solar technology has improved over the last decade, the prices have dropped exponentially as module efficiency has advanced In recent years, there s been a growing concern that we are approaching an efficiency ceiling People have come to wonder if future solar improvements will be through system

Mar , pvc ceilings image ctl CTL PVC Ceilings When PVC Ceilings first came on the scene in South Africa and started appearing in home all over Johannesburg, you could have any color as long as it was white and shinny or glossy Today this is not the case, the ceiling panels are also available in a mat finish.

Jun , To break the glass ceiling in Africa, we urgently need to bring women on corporate boards, which we can do by fast tracking them through middle and senior management in the private sector, said Geraldine Fraser Moleketi, the Special Envoy on Gender of the African Development Bank (AfDB) We need

Jun , SunPower leaped past the competition today by announcing that is has created a silicon solar module that can convert of the sunlight that strikes it into electricity If this were the Olympics, the drug tests would be underway Over the past year, SolarCity, Panasonic and SunPower have duked it over [.

Feb , An eating area features a ceiling installation composed of multi coloured panels placed at varying angles The building is meant to honour the social, economic and cultural contributions of African Americans Artifacts on view include log cabins, cars, statues, clothing and film memorabilia Adjaye and the

Glass Panel Lantern a lantern made by Home Goods View as slideshow Photo by Ted Morrison Softly illuminate alfresco dinners with a handled bronze candle Ceiling Fan a ceiling fan made by the Hunter Fan Company View as slideshow Photo by Courtesy of the Hunter Fan Company Suitable for any covered

May , Leaders from across Africa are gathering ahead of the African Union summit in Ethiopia The organisation is celebrating its th anniversary and the BBC is looking at the changes the continent has experienced in that time In Ghana one of Africa s fastest growing economies there is a building boom.

Jul , More Americans want their member of Congress to vote against raising the U.S debt ceiling than for it, by a to margin, similar to their views in May They worry more that the debt limit could be increased without spending cuts.

Feb , In a split second and without warning, the plane began shaking violently in the sky Passengers panicked and screamed One woman called out for her baby Another, they said, hit the ceiling so hard that she cracked the panel above her head United Airlines Flight , carrying passengers and five

Oct , The minority community in South Africa s Durban fighting locals over a housing development project.

Aug , With ceilings over four meters high, the apartment is a true gem Having worked on listed buildings in London s Mayfair, I have a real respect for the history of a building I kept the wooden paneling in the dining room it was too good to remove We applied a translucent pearlescent finish to give the wood

How women historians smashed the glass ceiling October , EDT Clare Wright one of many women historians carving a role as a I presented my paper on an all female panel one of many listed on the program At tea breaks, I was greeted by a sea of female faces When I tallied up the names in the

Apr , In the tomb of Senmut, the architect of Queen Hatshepsut, a panel of the ceiling represents the celestial sphere, the signs of the zodiac, and the other a giant island in the southern hemisphere, now known as Antarctica, which was before the catastrophe a little more North, close to the southern tip of Africa.

May , Woven leather ceiling panels inspired by basket weaving are some of the new store s nods to its African location, according to a statement There are also mugs with the Johannesburg skyline But the main aesthetic feature is a large copper mural to remind customers of the atmosphere of the Pike Place

May , South African musician David Jenkins, who is known as Qasadi and has the nickname White Zulu , talks about his passion for Zulu culture and music.

Jan , This children s library with rammed earth walls in Africa was built by BC Architects and Studies and the local community, according to an open source design while a large wooden table provides a study area and a huge hammock is suspended from the ceiling to create a more informal space for reading.

Jul , In Zimbabwe a project with India s National Institute of Design is helping basket weavers earn more from their work.

May , This is an important aspect to consider as a construction fire may not only result in serious damage but loss of life due to toxic fumes from ceiling products Fortunately most of the more popular ceiling panels and ceiling tiles used in suspended ceilings in South Africa and Gauteng particularly, are fire

Aug , Inhouse designed the offices of booking agency Travelstart, located in Cape Town, South Africa A two metre long model aeroplane suspends from the ceiling in the triple volume space over reception Discreet acoustic ceiling panels ensure that this openness does not result in a noisy atmosphere.

Feb , Steampunk inspired coffee shop in Cape Town by South African designer Haldane Martin A seven metre long table runs through the centre of the space and was made using industrial pipes and the building s old ceiling panels Stools swing out from underneath and power sockets hang overhead as