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May , While I m sure the orange shag carpet and floral wallpaper and toilet seat was stylish at the time, it definitely wasn t our style, Jannyne says Her designs focus on smaller well designed spaces with attention to detail, and she advises to spend money on quality of materials and design over quantity of

Mar , Materials used sheets of five ply inch domestic birch plywood for the flooring ( per sheet) sheets of three ply inch Baltic birch plywood for the trim ( With the help of a friend and contractor, the couple took off the existing carpet and pried up the tack strips, revealing a layer of vinyl tile.

Jan , Boat builder Steve White from Belfast, Irland has recently constructed a houseboat made from shipping containers He intends to live in it and has parked it in The interior is fitted just like a real house, and includes radiant heat floors, a fully equipped kitchen and bamboo flooring The house is heated by a

Jun , He counterbalanced heavy materials like marble countertops, a tile covered bathroom and a wood stove with concrete underneath the floor to keep the boat level Fun fact When building the roof deck s railings, the team forgot that the barge would have to pass underneath low bridges They refitted them

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Jul , Plastic waste collected in the North Pacific Ocean that has been recycled into small pellets material for new products There are a few The rest is thought to either be at the bottom of the sea floor, suspended in the water column, eaten by marine animals, or washed up ashore in remote islands.

Oct , Pattern with color Architect Michael Howells used two color groups of handmade by inch subways to create a straight herringbone pattern on this bathroom floor No two tiles are alike, which leads to the illusion that more than one hue is in play He wanted a Western vibe and liked that this was a nice

Jan , Have you ever seen a picture of the president of the United States literally lying on the floor hoisting up a little girl, she has got her elephant costume on, or c ling around on the floor with Jen Saki s daughter It s like a break in the day for him that he relishes and I think it tells you a lot about what he is like

Apr , ,,, and dense filled vinyl plastisols are disclosed in U.S Pat No ,, A variety of thermosetting and thermoplastic barrier materials are used in U.S Pat No ,, to create the heavy or dense barrier layer Also, a polymeric sound blocking material is disclosed in U.S Pat No ,,

Sep , Methylene chloride, in products such as paint strippers, has killed dozens of people since with no action from regulators Luis Esteban Martinez, Sarasota, Florida Died while replacing carpet in the cabin of a boat with an adhesive containing methylene chloride

Nov , In time for Veterans Day, a vet s townhouse gets redesigned to embrace scale, function and warmth.

Jan , In the first clip the youngster is seen happily playing with her toys on the floor as a doll in the corner of the room suddenly moves its head to the side She remains completely oblivious to what s going on as it then moves its head to the other side The eerie home security footage shows a haunted doll

May , The clients entertain a lot, plus they have a dog and store their camping equipment down here, so the durability of the laminate flooring suited them The flooring is beautiful and tricks a lot of people into thinking that it s wood, and it is a little more moisture resistant than carpeting and pads for a basement,

This stool is upholstered in durable black Caressoft vinyl for easy maintenance and cleaning The modern design, together with an attractive chrome finish on the base and gas lift, gives it a clean, stylish look that seamlessly blends into any office decor Features at a Glance Upholstered in durable Black (BK) Caressoft.

Mar , A portable, precast, steel reinforced concrete slab of given dimensions for use in the floor of a building such as a storage facility The present invention relates to portable construction materials and particularly to portable precast concrete slabs for use as floors for storage facilities and other types of

Feb , Buying tips If you are looking for a true functioning porthole that you can use as an exterior window, your best bet is to order directly from a marine supplier, such as Trinity Marine in the U.K (Finding one from a traditional window supplier may be a challenge.) The great part about buying from a marine