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Oct , THIS is the astonishing moment a brazen crook hurtled £ worth of drugs over a prison wall to help pay off a drug debt for his brother.

Jul , BILLIONAIRE property developer Christian Candy has upset his upmarket neighbours after submitting plans to turn part of a road into a private garden at his £m home.

Dec , Pensioner throws his neighbour over garden fence in feud about a One witness said I heard the noise, looked up and saw the car rolling around There was nobody in that car, but there were kids in another There was a bit of a crowd there and the guy running it just got the kids off and shut it down.

Sep , Sir Craig Oliver said Mrs May failed to support Mr Cameron on separate occasions before she did reluctantly come off the fence for Remain and then only after a visibly wound up prime minster gave her a dressing down over the telephone In his book, Unleashing Demons The Inside Story Of Brexit,

Dec , A seasonal selection of images from around the UK, taken by members of the BBC Winterwatch Flickr group.

We are a bespoke Landscape Gardenening company based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire Our mission is perfection in tradesmanship Our pleasure is to provide you with a beautiful and inspiring outside space to work, play and entertain in, whether this be a courtyard or a country garden We hope you enjoy our website,

Apr , A GARDEN loving grandmother has been warned by police that she faces being arrested and charged with theft unless she starts returning footballs that are kicked over her garden wall by the children next door.

Jul , The director would choose a kid and my dad just handed us over the garden fence, and we d go off and fi lm a movie Sometimes they d take a bunch of us. The kids joined the family business early Coy Jr, the eldest of the nine siblings, made his debut in as a baby, while Billy recalls I was just six

May , Samuel James Bowles hopped over a fence to retrieve a football when his finger became lodged beneath wire mesh and tore away, leaving a mangled stump He said I landed on the floor and realised something was up because my face was warm from blood My finger was squirting blood everywhere

The Old Library Building The first purpose built library in Burnley, built in , closed as a library in and given to Thursby Garden Community Action Group on a year lease in November by Lancashire County Council Now a community centre, please see About Us for details, we are a voluntary run

Oct , VIDEO footage captured the moment a man tried to dodge a huge puddle by using a fence as leverage to jump, but his attempt to stay dry sadly ended in failure.

Aug , COMPUTER tablets are the latest example of contraband being smuggled into UK prisons as people throw them over fences.

Jun , The next generation of maps is taking us over the garden fence, he warned You won t be able to sunbathe in your garden without worrying about an Apple or Google plane buzzing overhead taking pictures He said householders should be asked for their consent before images of their homes go online.

May , Alex, I ve put cardboard down the sides but it s soggy already your solution sounds much better, and chicken wire is one thing we do have, from various botched fence attempts, so I ll try it Rebecca O Rourke on May at pm Nowt wrong with Lancashire very mice bit of carpet might have to

May , A YOUNG mum froze to death in the grounds of a primary school because she was too intoxicated on drugs to climb out over a fence, an inquest heard.

Feb , A FATHER is fuming after two ft tall trees collapsed in his garden after claiming a council told him he was not allowed to cut them down Bosses at Burnley Council, Lancashire, said they were looking into the matter and had acted on available information and expert advice Mr Chaudhary, , who

Jul , The drama happened in the garden of her £, four bedroom home which backs on to Mr Leaver s £, dormer bungalow in Barnoldswick, Lancashire At Pennine magistrates court in Burnley, last January, Mr Leaver was convicted of battery, fined £ and ordered to pay Mrs Sandamas £

Sep , Daniel Bishop, prosecuting, said Deville chased him outside, along with the man carrying the large knife, and hit him again to the side of his body, before he jumped over a garden fence The year old mother fled upstairs with her baby daughter, followed by Deville and another man, who told her It s

Sep , Garden MERCURY A network of roots has allegedly sucked a teacher s garden dry After years of being puzzled that nothing at all would grow in his garden, Damian Bell discovered his lawn was laced with giant roots creeping under the fence and sucking the ground dry Many of the roots were too large to

Aug , A PENSIONER heaved his next door neighbour over a garden fence and tried to gouge out his eyes during a long running feud over a parking space last Christmas Eve was captured on CCTV and marked the climax of a series of rows between the neighbours in the scenic Lancashire town of Bacup.

Aug , A DESPERATE family has been left unable to sell their own home after a dreaded, monster plant took over their NEIGHBOUR S garden the association ignored her neighbour s pleas and the alien weeds which can grow cm a day took over his entire back yard and started to creep over her fence.

Aug , It was really smoky and we noticed, in the corner of the garden, a glowing patch At first we thought it must be a wind up and that someone had thrown something over the fence but it genuinely looked like something had landed from the sky and crumbled The next morning it was still glowing Everything

The shell of the East End shall be covered in before August and the garden and dove house going on at the Staffordshire, Crewe and Oulton in Cheshire, Heaton in Lancashire and Powis in Montgomeryshire Emes left his Joseph the waller has nearly finished the repairs of the Sunk Fence below the Pleasure Ground.

Jun , Leo blog A frog in a garden pond in Clitheroe, Lancashire A garden pond will Every garden probably has an area that is a plant desert , be it patio or decking, bare fence or wall, shed or garage roof Adding Understanding your environmental impact beyond the garden fence is vital Do some or

Nutty Squirrale followed by Ice Maiden, both by the Hart Brewery Brewery! A Bit About Us Located on the border between the Lancashire and Yorkshire countryside, our restaurant looks over the Admergill Valley, beyond Roughlee and Barley towards Pendle Hill Approximately halfway between the villages of Barrowford