green culture for garden decoration and wall cladding

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Nov , Plainly exposing the burned edges of reclaimed wall studs as boards cladding a new wall is an open, authentic expression of this home s historical past (the home was Our consumer culture has taught us to expect perfection in everything we buy, and we extend that same expectation to our buildings.

Apr , The cladding and the aluminium frames that surround the large windows are designed to termite proof the house the previously dark and cramped rooms of the home are now positioned at its periphery, maximising their exposure to natural light and providing views to the garden or out onto the street.

Apr , The north facing roof has kW photovoltaic panels which generate kWh day, ample energy for household requirements Heating is provided by solar gain captured by the light, polished concrete floors and well insulated walls ,L of rainwater storage supplies the whole house and garden.

May , On one side of a central courtyard, rusted metal plates are riveted together to form a cladding surface The courtyard also features a planter covered with colourful tile samples and a wall faced with unused stone slivers salvaged from a stone cutter s yard Collage house by S PS Another of the walls lining

days ago The Seoullo walkway, despite the bulky plant pots by MVRDV, is no Garden Bridge or High Line for contemplation and lingering, but instead a brusque The Chonggyecheon stream, a supposedly rus in urbe piece of green infrastructure replacing a flyover, is restless and busy with public art,

The choice of wood as a building material offers isolative qualities, ease of handling and waste reduction via the prefab process, but it is also a cultural and somatic choice The prefab high strength cross laminated wood panels where modulated to fit within one truck drive from the Austrian factory and the ability to contain

Feb , Wright created a unique expression of southern California, reflecting regionalism in a truly modern form through sculpture and other decorative art forms, including an abstraction of a hollyhock flower All spaces open into the central patio, making it half house and half garden with multilevel rooftop

Mar , The choice of selecting sustainable building materials and materials requiring little maintenance for floor finishes, ceilings and facade cladding result in a building which can be easily maintained and with a long lifespan Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal by Architectenbureau Koen van Velsen .

Dec , TAGS Housing, urban renewal, sustainable building, green building, green walls, roof gardens, urban forests, trigeneration, hydroponics, water Covered in living plants as cladding from footpath to rooftop and standing storeys tall, One Central Park resembles a giant vertical garden that springs from

Mar , The project consists of a social centre and serviced apartments, built on a historically important site on the line of an old city wall and at the end of a market street Several of the residences on the first floor open onto garden courtyards that are also overlooked by the apartments on the levels above.

Aug , In the wine country, I like the richness of natural stone of all kinds, for exterior walls and interior paving I like stone Obsessed with symmetry and simplicity, without cliché villa décor, Mack and Batey were labeled Fundamentalist Classicists in architecture circles in the seventies and eighties Mark and I

Nov , The walls and ceiling are made from plasterboard, while fibre cement has been applied as cladding The gabled porch extends from the studio s front, covering a decked stage area Newcastle music studio by M Architecture The studio s white painted exterior, warm toned timber flooring and navy rear

Sep , Now the remodeled Craftsman cottage is the greenest home in Venice, among the top green homes in the state of California, and in the top in the the house, Finn s room in the old attic, storm water collection and use, the native garden, and shelves from old x walls that were removed.

Aug , A mix of solid and void Doric columns supported the portico with an Art Deco style rising sun fenestration pattern The Covent Garden building was the second that Farrell designed for Clifton Nurseries The first, an equally delightful but less obviously historicist structure with a wave form roof (and, it has to

Mar , The structure is made of pre cast, concrete components with aluminium cladding on the roof and ends Everything comes out from a single sign architectural global shape, fastenings, entrance cuts, furniture handles and decorations During the day coloured glass create liquid chromatic effects inside

Apr , Patients of Hille Melbye s psychiatric centre in Oslo are welcomed by a decorative brick building, which is surrounded by landscaped courtyards centre that resembles a cultural centre rather than a medical facility, and an anxiety reducing orthodontic clinic that features serene interiors and garden views.

Dec , The cathedral can be seen from miles around, like a beacon rising from the rolling green fields of the landscape Not only is whitewash being removed from the walls, but, as Caviness amd Hamburger point out there are not one, but two layers of decorative painting and the th century layer is being

The rear wall has a fixing area for fixing the module to a mounting, and the rear wall includes a partitioning rib projecting into the internal volume to slow flow of In this system, at least one out of the front wall and the rear wall comprises overlapping edges which, when the system is installed as a roof garden or plant wall

Dec , Green and blue marble tiles cover the columns, skirt and roof, while predominantly yellow tiles wrap the walls and chimney During production, it quickly became apparent that cladding the kiosk with this approach was going to be a labour of love, as each element is rolled and then glazed by hand .