lightweight pontoon decking

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Apr , On mine I ll make the roof flatter with a deck, steering up there too Also a PV canopy and water collection from the deck If anyone wants one built right at a very reasonable cost I m doing soon for my property and could add another easily Even just build the structure just needing finishing makes it really

Oct , The apparatus of claim , wherein said port and said starboard oil transfer troughs are recessed below a deck of said pontoons and said hull, such that said deck prevents The drum is preferably watertight and is light weight so that it is buoyant enough to float on the oil alone or on the oil and water.

Apr , The crowning arrangement creates a central raised portion in the deck, the opposite sides of the deck being sloped downwardly and outwardly defines a monocoque arranged, floating, dock marina structure made from suitable marine type plywood and wood laminates which are rot and corrosion proof.

Dec , Various methods have been developed to drive piles over water Piles are used as a foundation for various marine structures such as wharves and jetties These piles need to be driven over water The methods of driving piles over water along with their economy and suitable working condition are

Pontoon New Deck Mould (Jun ) Our client initially required major modifications to an old pontoon deck style Impressed with the quality of fibreglass wind deflectors (NoseCone) fitted to their fleet Fielders requested NoseCone develop a lightweight panellised body for local delivery vehicles to keep to the Class .

In the known method of the above mentioned kind the jacket is pushed from a floating pontoon into the water The jacket, which may for example be meters long, is thereby subjected to a large measure of local loading during the sliding contact with the edge of the pontoon The jacket has for this reason to be strongly

Oct , at least one tank having a first portion substantially within a first pontoon and a second substantially vertical portion within a first column connected to the first Small sailboats designed to be lightweight for being pulled behind automobiles on trailers can be designed with ballast tanks that may be emptied

Oct , The lightweight timber framed structure is fairly traditional in its form, but sits inside an excavated wet dock made from steel sheet piling with a mesh The island has no road access, so the architects used reclaimed NATO military equipment to build a floating pontoon that was used as a chain ferry to

Each of the frames provides a space under the frame and in between the barges that enables a package to be lifted and or a marine vessel to be positioned in between An interface such as a deck beam can be provided on the upper deck of each hull , for forming an interface between the frames , and the

May , The shell of claim wherein at each of said rowing stations, the width of said seat deck is the same, the height of said Keelson is the same, and the knees are the same The shell of claim is a plan view of a connecting yoke of a sixteen oared pontoon training shell FIG is a plan view of six

Jul , This pontoon was custom built here in Colonial Beach It s eco friendly design includes solar power, LED lighting, and repurposed materials By nature this is a special place with minimal amenities but lots of fun! You ll be using the marina shower bathhouse facilities (Because who wants to use a boat Porta

If the deck slabs are particularly large, side support for the slabs a can be obtained as shown in FIG from modified doublers a which extend up to the desired bottom level of the slabs The invention and the manner of its employment is In a mooring float assembly, a lightweight concrete monolithic hollow float open

Feb , The sewn layers of bark were attached to the wooden rib frame to form a lightweight, water resistant outer shell of the canoe a canoe cover, a dry sack, a belly cover, a pontoon catamaran link up, a D ring, a binocular bag, a dry bag, a sponson, a miniskirt, an extended deck, a foot brace rail, a baby tent,

Aug , The offshore marine structure according to claim wherein said structure is supported by pilings at the marine floor well adapted to concrete construction, and concrete especially in the form of ferro cemiento, which is strong, lightweight, resistant to deterioration, and repairable in a marine environment.

Sep , A concrete dock section has a polyfoam billet coating having sides and bottom coated with a fiberglass cement mixture, and a top surface having a plurality of transverse channels A concrete dock surface is poured over the channels which have a steel through rod centered in each The top surface of the

May , I specifically asked for one that was powerful lightweight small able to get replacement filters and lasted more than a year It fits on a standard or gallon bucket, it s wet or dry, has a floor attachment as an option, has the ability to blow up the dinghy with the exhaust port The bucket is our wash down

A plurality of light weight easily collapsible cover plate members respectively cover the open spaces between adjacent plates so as to drain to the deck rain and other precipitation that would otherwise fall into the interior of the pontoon Each of these plates is of generally rectangular shape and has downturned

Dec , The pantograph truss is in the form of an inverted triangle with deck sections incorporating gratings utilized as parallel tracks for wheeled vehicles The bridge Because of its lightweight, rapid erectability, and transportability, the bridge structure finds particular, but not necessarily exclusive utility in military