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Aug , totally agree andtototoo just finished off a large bottle of baby lotion that has lasted months Tesco do some lovely baby products, no harsh chemicals etc Click to rate Nattie, Surbiton, United Kingdom, years ago This is old news I ve been putting one up my bottom everyday for years, and it keeps

Apr , Unlike bleach, there isn t a strong odor, it will not harm fabrics, and is safe to use around grass and plants I DID have to scrub to obtain the best results You can t just spray and be done if there are tough stains like you see here I used a deck scrub brush to work the product into the surfaces, and then I

After you re done with the initial cleaning using the House Deck Wash, the Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser is mixed up with hot water (mixing instructions are on the bottle) and is ready to apply in minutes For something like this roof, I used a simple garden pump sprayer to apply the product You don t do anything to it after

Jan , Everyone told me to have a bottle of this on hand I don t drink it, but it s got to be good for something Canned goods of things you ll actually want to eat Think warm chili, soups, or creamed corn, if that s your thing Sleeping bags For cold weather Baby wipes If it s been a while in between

Sep , My mold problem was bad, so I opted for bleach, but you could also use a baking soda paste or vinegar Once you apply the cleanser to For the commenter disgusted with the idea of animal fat in your detergent guess what s in that soap you washed your face with this morning Fat and lye have been a

Apr , It can be planted directly in the ground or in large containers if you want to put it on your deck or patio Citronella grass is the real citronella plant Strain the leaves, pour the water into a spray bottle, and spray on your skin and clothes to keep the mosquitos away! plants that repel mosquitos naturally.

Sep , Seriously, you can ask my sister and stepmom! I was toting around a bottle of Krud Kutter this past weekend while working on renovating a VERY dated beach condo This always involves using the outdoor bleach too, which I know isn t safe to be smelling I would love it if KrudKutter would send me the

May , This spring I am working with Lowe s Canada to share some ideas and tips for container gardening, and I couldn t be more thrilled I absolutely love gardening! We have a large deck off the back of our home which is a perfect sunny space for many many containers of flowers Container Gardenting at

Shown A knock out deck starts with great woodin this case, clear redwood protected with a burgundy tinted penetrating stain Dilute a quart of laundry bleach in a gallon of water mixed with a cup of TSP substitute Semitransparent stains emphasize a fence s design, while clear toners show off its wood grain.

Aug , The lights Plastic bottles with water and a couple lids of bleach in them and stuck through the roof The idea has spread to the slums of Philippines, where every penny counts, through a program called a liter of light. I was especially Deck prisms, and skylights, are a bit pricey This is a very low cost

Jul , Whether you re looking for simple cleaning tips and tricks, fun DIY and craft projects, quick and easy home decor ideas, practical organization solutions, I imagine you see the same types of warnings on a bottle of bleach (the children and pets part, not the infertility part), but I also don t use bleach in areas

Storage of Coca Cola in internally lacquered Al cans resulted in Al levels below mg L In contrast, non coated Al camping bottles containing lime blossom Potassium alum is used to whiten flour (bleached flour), and sodium silocoaluminate and or aluminium calcium silicate are added to common table salt to help it

It s the same stuff you buy in the little brown bottle and store in the medicine cabinet HO is hydrogen mold and mildew stain remover bleach clean decks and siding color safe stain remover laundry disinfectant When it Wrapping foot is not a great idea because fungus love anaerobic environment The honey is

Oct , As a result, otherwise well informed and educated people have no idea of the relative costs and benefits They probably New York and other cities instruct people to rinse the bottles before putting them in the recycling bin, but the EPA s life cycle calculation doesn t take that water into account That single

Dec , Shabby Chic Christmas Tree {Christmas Tree Themes} ~ This is a simple yet beautiful small Christmas tree idea! With while, silver and It s time to deck those halls! And this season I m a touch of glamour! This easy to follow tutorial will show you how to bleach and dye bottle brushes from start to finish.

Dec , A trio of bleach pine cones as a centerpiece, and Norwegian tree for Christmas On the coffee table a frosted bottle brush tree under a cloche, sporting the same treatment as the luminaries in the dining room with Epsom Salts This is also the season for board Inexpensive Deck Decorating Ideas

Oct , Bottles that contain bleach, liquid hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc are recyclable Keep lids screwed on after rinsing Only bottles that contain strong chemicals like antifreeze should not be recycled In addition to recycling whenever possible, people should strive to minimize use of plastic

Jan , A bleached out red ball, a dish soap bottle, the base of a Coleman lantern, a lampshade covered in dull green molted sea growth, hovering an inch below the surface, upright and rocking slowly back and forth A few days later we were full on into a junkyard Standing on the deck you could see chunks of