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Dec , A simple, environmentally benign building () for on site erection and fabrication is made of monolithic, architectural, strutural walls (), beams, girders, and suppliers recommend that fiberglass reinforced cement board panels or plates be used only as sheathing or veneer cladding for frame structures.

Jul , The wall system of claim further comprising a fabric layer between the drainage board and the plurality of facing elements The wall system of claim , wherein the structural wall comprises wood studs on which the sheet material is mounted A clip for linking first and second stone or brick facing

Sep , Visually, it is formed of wood cladding which has been stained The cladding goes all the way to roof level and forms a cover for the roof waterproofing sheet The internal walls and ceilings are mainly covered with plywood boards, and the walls in the bathrooms and toilet are tiled with ceramic tiles.

The floors, walls and roof of a framed structure are created by assembling (using nails) consistently sized framing elements of dimensional lumber (×, ×, and so on) at regular Diagonal bracings made of wood or steel provide shear (horizontal strength) as do panels of sheeting nailed to studs, sills, and headers.

Jan , They are making their batts in sizes made to fit stud walls, clearly aimed at the market for building houses of wood, the very same market that fiberglass is sold to With Fiberglass you are actually told, by experts, to use a x stud as a straight edge while you cut the fiberglass batts with a sheet rock knife.

Dec , Referring next to the d ings which form a part of the disclosure herein, a rain screen siding arrangement is shown as installed on a conventional frame building wall structure including structural frame members such as studs supporting a layer of sheathing material such as plywood sheets

Aug , Above Architect Boor Bridges applied the technique to some of the interior walls of Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco from Architect Visit Sightglass by ban cladding, flooring, and wall coverings in colors that it compares to the dying embers of a log fire and the charred effects of a burnt wooden board.