decorative panel for wall cladding

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jan , The lower flanges of the aluminum wall panels are attached to a support platform, and the upper flanges support a canopy formed of aluminum is a perspective view of an elevator cab, illustrating how decorative panel members may be hung on the interior side walls of the cab shown in FIG FIG.

Oct , Upholstery can envelop an entire room, a framed panel or a single wall See some design a solid, textural fabric A pattern, in addition to being overwhelming in such a large installation, would visually suppress the geometry of the panels Good for you if You don t want to use a decorative edge trim.

A wall or ceiling panel comprising fireproof metallic sheets forming a parallelepipedic body filled with fireproof material, opposite parallel side edges of the body each being of a stepped configuration and having locking means thereon, whereby like panels may be interengaged and locked together to form a substantially