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Sep , A floating offshore fluid storage caisson platform has a large diameter vertically oriented buoyant column or caisson, or multiple caissons, defining a storage chamber, and a telescopic keel tank disposed at the bottom end thereof, and may have deck on top of the caisson to support storage, drilling and

Dec , In the last year, the urban gardens that have really grabbed people s attention on Houzz have a number of characteristics in common All are City planning departments have been known to allow homeowners a few extra feet of wooden lattice on their perimeter fences above the maximum height limit.

Sep , The solar components can be items such as solar panels or the like In various embodiments, designs can present a solar component position lattice that can include quick fasteners, as well as emergency releases at particularly beneficial locations The quick fasteners may include retainers, and single

Aug , Before going on about built patio and deck canopies, we should acknowledge that trees are the best for providing that canopy naturally Lattice If your home is more contemporary, a lattice like covering could be a nice addition Unlike the traditional pergola, a lattice like structure has thinner and more

May , Ostensibly a TV broadcasting tower, it has restaurants and observation decks that offer tremendous views of the incredible Tokyo skyline Constructed between and , the concrete and steel tower s lattice design plays tricks on the eyes It doesn t look quite consistent And indeed it isn t The base

Nov , How to build your own computer desk plans These DIY corner computer desk plans are detailed in a step by step layout to guide you through

Dec , In the photo on the right I measured my circle What is that I am measuring with you ask It is PVC Lattice in white and it is feet long just under inches wide, and really bendy Which is why it was perfect for my faux metal band I didn t cut it at all, which gives an idea of how big this clock is Since it will be

Sep , The load deck pivots on the sub frame by means of bearing assemblies ( ) received on respective ends of a cross member protruding at respective Goods vehicles are customarily manufactured in the form of a cab and chassis assembly so that a number of different alternative forms of load

Dec , Click Embed to display an article on your own website or blog With garden To espalier is to train trees, shrubs and vines on a frame (also called an espalier) so they grow into a flat plane, an ancient horticultural practice A Belgian fence (or lattice pattern) makes a stylish adornment for a blank wall.

The shear connector opening is a recess on the side surface of the concrete slab The modular concrete deck platform further includes an integrated attachment assembly within the shear connector opening on the side of the concrete slab The integrated attachment assembly includes a shear connector rebar including an

Apr , An Exodermic deck is comprised of a reinforced concrete slab on top of, and composite with, an unfilled steel grid In its preferred form, unfilled grating composite with reinforced concrete slab is a composite structure comprised of an open lattice grating base member or grating component ,

If a trussed deck is employed, an oil well production facility (drilling or production or a combination) can be supported upon the trussed deck The connector at the top of each buoy can be any type of an articulating connection that forms an articulation with the trussed deck or a connector on the trussed deck In an alternate

Dec , Build a DIY Custom Range Hood for Under The Rozy Home featured on Remodelaholic We went outside on the upper deck and saw the view Make sure you have a piece of lattice on each edge this will help disguise those imperfect side pieces lattice board and batten on diy range hood,

Jun , The basket weave layout works especially well on large patios, because it breaks up large expanses Craftsman Entry by Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc Herringbone The herringbone pattern is a glorified zigzag Diagonal rows of bricks alternate directions to create

Mar , it probably looks like we ve done absolutely nothing to it because it looks like absolute shit but when we moved in, the backyard was all dirt and pavers and lattice, everywhere eveeeerywhere we took out lattice in front of the concrete fence, around the raised beds, and around the AC we demoed the

The archery hall features a lattice frame while the boxing club features a stepped frame Both sports facilities have a clean and A boomerang shaped extension building clad in steel panels was also created to house the entrance hall, new changing rooms, offices and technical rooms [photography by Jean Baptiste

Making your own outdoor curtain panels from drop cloths is easy, attractive and gives your porch some nice shade and ambiance, too! for hanging the metal poles (see picture below) KILZ primer and white spray paint for protecting and painting the poles An alternative idea is to simply purchase tension rods icon

Nov , How to build DIY pressure treated wood deck skirting ideas to hide space under your deck, quick and easy step by step in days.