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Watch this video to find out about eco friendly envirotile floor tiles, made from recycled tires, and read comments from homeowners who installed them pavers made out of car tires and truck tires made by Envirotile and the nice thing about it is, take a look at this, all of the different designs that you get to choose from.

Mar , With a few clever ideas to expand views and maximize space, narrow lots can look and feel more expansive than they really are Look for ways to increase planting opportunities without taking up floor space Add a raised deck under an outdoor seating area or remove soil to create a sunken patio.

Jun , When you choose wood for a raised bed, make sure it is safe (contains If you want to use this stuff, be sure to do your homework first so you re certain it s safe for your food garden not just fence posts and decks Also, safety TiresI know this is fairly popular but I am not convinced it is a soil safe idea.

We ve already looked at concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, but there s another surface that a lot of homeowners have challenges with, and that s concrete steps Now, this house is owned by a It s also a good idea to remove the masking before it dries, so there s no chipping when it comes off Danny All right, let s see

Jun , See if a finished basement is a good idea for you Safety and stability precautions are different underground than they are on a house s main floors Digging down a few feet means removing dirt and concrete, making new concrete footings below the existing ones and pouring a new concrete slab floor.

Oct , You may remember a while back when I blogged about a unique way of removing acorns from the lawn during those years when you have a bumper crop (See that previous post here Gardening Challenges and A Wacky Idea That Just May Work.) Some years are definitely worse than others and the oak

May , Guess which idea won These DIY Oh yes, I got my DIY on by figuring out how to make the galvinized pipe curtain rods all by myself well, with a tiny helper in tow HINT It s easier than And if you can find floor flanges for less than each grab them, because that s where it really added up for me.

Mar , The firm says it can build everything from a paddling pool to an Olympic size pool using the system Scroll down for The rigid floor completely covers the swimming pool and the water is inaccessible, guaranteeing maximum safety with a secure, highly durable surface, giving you peace of mind Now you

Feb , Houzz UK deputy editor are key considerations for domestic comfort, so try these practical but beautiful ideas to help you and your new roommate live in stylish synchronicity Look out for small scale furniture if space is tight lots of brands now have a dedicated range of compact or flexible pieces.

May , A dining and kitchen area occupy most of the floor space, and the living area features windows on both sides to emphasise the house s situation A long overhang helps make the most of the tiny lot, with a loft area that looks up towards the sky and down to the river, topped by a galvanised steel sheet roof.

Apr , Broken tiles create moisture which attracts termites, and can provide a gateway inside Wooden floor boards are a great source of food for termites wooden fence posts with ones made from metal and rock If you live in an area prone to termite activity opt for an alternative garden feature to decking.

Jul , Start with the front frame of the log store and lay out the two side posts, one of the floor structure pieces and one of the long roof structure pieces How To Build A Log Store You re welcome, Martin! Adding the shelf is such a good idea we d definitely add one if we ever build another log store Cx Reply.

The best front porch designs have several traits in common architectural compatibility, functionality, and overall appeal Mary and I call it harmonizing, that is, Large wrap around front porches on multiple floors ranging from majestic to cottage with beautiful front porch designs beautiful craftsman style front porch and

If you live in the middle of rural England in a beautiful old house, decking probably isn t going to be the best material to use as it won t be in keeping with the house style I would love to have a deck in the back yard to entertain guests on summer nights, and it will help to have an idea as to what can be done with them.

Jul , Following the UK launch of an affordable micro home that takes less than a day to build, here s a look at properties from around the world that show how Also, these units are ideas, they are concrete responses to addressing the problem of housing people on small tracts of land with a tight budget.