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Dec , Examples of composite material structures include core materials in sandwich structures which can be in form of polymer foams or cellular In some embodiments, pre impregnated or pregreg carbon fiber tows (towpreg) can be used to build a D truss structure to serve as the core of a sandwich panel.

Jun , The fibre reinforced layers are bonded to the low density core material by a layer of resin material This construction is commonly called a sandwich panel in the composite industry The primary functions of a structural core are to increase panel rigidity, by reducing the overall deflection under load and

Aug , The present invention relates to a process and a product of forming polymer (especially PVC) nanocomposites with a variety of nanofillers relates to polymer nanocomposites, their manufacturing methodology and technology, and their applications in a variety of markets as replacement materials with

A process and article for a retroreflective polymeric coated flexible fabric material having a retroreflective layer and a polymeric compatibilizing layer welded to a polymeric coated outer surface of a flexible fabric material Large fabric materials coated with PVC are manufactured by welding smaller panels together Torn or

Aug , Mymain observation is that composites have strayed from using recycled content, their original green attribute The NAHB report also states that that recycled wood plastic composite lumber typically consists of a mix of wood fibers from recovered sawdust and waste plastics that include

The disclosed invention is not limited to products in the building or construction industries and may be applied in the manufacture of a wide variety of products in fillers in the production of simulated stone, masonry and brick textured products such as cladding, siding, panels, or other building and construction materials.

Aug , A construction board is formed from a composition comprising one or more of the following ingredients magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, The mold may comprise a plastic (or other suitable material) flat sheet and, in some embodiments, may have lips while in other embodiments not have lips.

EC Building elements of relatively thin form for the construction of parts of buildings, e.g sheet materials, slabs, or panels characterised by the shape or other similar, suitable, or conventional plastic materials, and formulations that incorporate any of the aforementioned polymers such as plastic composites.

Jan , Extruded plastic hinges of the prior art are available in a variety of colors and are commonly fabricated of polypropylene material While this form of construction facilitates the easy assembly of neighboring panels, flexible PVC web member tends to debond from the rigid PVC heavy wall member at

Feb , The FRP materials can consist of fiber and resin such as a preferred embodiment of approximately glass and polyester Other fiber A fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite member for increasing the compressive, flexural and shear strengths of concrete columns and supports comprised of .