exterior signboard material composite panel

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Still another object ofthe invention is to provide trim fabric panels particularly adaptable for ornamental installation on the interior of vehicle bodies, having a of water immersion after such board has been exposed to high temperatures as described and hence is readily adapted for automotive use, outdoor signboards and

May , The organic EL element is configured in such a way that a luminescent layer composed of an organic material is sandwiched between two electrodes, and emission light generated in the luminescent layer passes through the electrode(s) and is extracted to the outside For that, at least one of the two

(Cl ) This invention relates to improvements in billboard constructions and pertains more particularly to improvements therein embodying a construction enabling the actual posting of advertising material to be done indoors and wherein the posters are placed upon portable, lightweight panels of improved design

May , The housing is thereafter partially filled with a liquid resin material and a lip portion of a lens member is pressed into the resin into contact with the circuit board The resin material is cured with thermally conductive particles suspended therein for conducting excess heat to the outer aluminum housing and

Further, the invention covers a spacer frame for an insulating unit, the spacer frame having a groove to define opposed outer sides and having at least one continuous corner, and methods of making same The bead is any type of adhesive material that is moisture and gas pervious and can be mixed with a desiccant.

Accordingly, these materials have several practical applications in replacements for their glass counterparts such as organic glass plates, light fixture covers and diffusion panels, optical lenses, eyeglass lenses, sunglass lenses, reflectors and mirrors, display panels, signboards, commercial advertising displays, name

The sign modules may be affixed to a generally planar surface or supported on internal or external mounting posts Left and right mounting posts or stanchions may be fabricated of any suitable materialexamples of which include sheet metal, metal extrusions, plastics, fiberglass and other composites, wood and

Sep , Union or by external auditors, as provided in the financial regulations They shall be designated, CLASS TEXTILE PIECEGOODS, ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL SHEET MATERIAL CLASS composite pieces of furniture, placed in all the classes and subclasses that correspond to each of the intended

Mounting devices that have been used prior to the present invention to mount advertising and promotional materials on a grocery or other retail store shelf As embodied herein, key way is dimensioned larger than the outside diameter of the body of extension limiter , yet smaller than the outer diameter of end

Dec , An apparatus comprising a lighting assembly for illumination of a billboard, the lighting assembly comprising a plurality of means for emitting light The panel may be formed of one or more thermally conductive materials (e.g aluminum) and or other materials The front surface provides a

Feb , materials, but the cladding is a lightweight panel made of polyurethane foam and thin aluminum It s terrific that they actually try to insulate these buildings against the heat instead of just doing all glass, but the fact is, foam burns like mad, even with flame retardants mixed in Aluminum Composite Panels

Dec , The illuminated flag is powered by a base generator, which supplies electric power to metal oxide fibers embedded in the flag (i.e flexible conductive marker, signboard, flag, placard, streamer, pennant or bunting, whether lightweight or weighted, and capable of portraying electronically generated,

BC Moulds or cores Details thereof or accessories therefor characterised by the material or the manufacturing process Furthermore, the anti reflection article may he also applied to the front surface of a signboard, a poster, and various displays (a direction guide, a map, a no smoking sign, an entrance sign,

In the case where the surface mounted with the light sources is oriented to an outer side of the housing, the recessed portion is preferably provided at a corner all over the mounting portion a and the trapezoidal circuit board respectively, and includes a translucent diffuser panel that covers the multiple LEDs entirely.

A durable colored article having fluorescent properties comprises a substantially solventless polyvinyl chloride matrix, a thioxanthene fluorescent dye, and a secondary or tertiary hindered amine light stabilizer having a molecular weight less than about grams mole The invention has the advantage in that it provides a