how long are wood deck planks

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Dec , Choosing how much of a gap to put between your decking boards isn t a simple answer If we install a typical × Ipe decking board today using our weather conditions of humidity and ° while assuming the wood is wide, it will maintain that How Long Do I Wait for Decking Acclimation

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Oct , What are the things you need to consider when building a wood deck Handrail, wood months in fact (which does seem like a really, really long time ago in deck years) The reason we painted it was to hide the appearance of the tops of the wood members once the top deck boards are installed.

Watch this video for tips on how to clean and finish a deck to protect the wood from the sun s UV rays and the elements, and keep it looking good to use care with a pressure washer because it s concentrated power, and it can easily damage or gouge the wood if you get it too close or you keep it in one spot for very long.

On the market, the decking boards come in many different dimensions starting with the x up to × and × In addition, you can also find Nevertheless, you should be aware that all wooden decking need regular maintenance (every years), otherwise they will get a dull appearance If you want to stay away from

Nov , Depending on how our clients choose to install the Ipe decking, we may have to rout a groove for clip fasteners, but at most, that is all we are doing to the wood before shipment As a decking material, Ipe is air dried to around moisture content, before it is milled in South America into deck boards.