garden wall covering ideas

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Nov , Block unwanted noise with plantings, barriers and water features for a more soothing outdoor experience Let s look at some ideas for easing the noise in residential landscapes Traditional Landscape Berms or retaining walls and lush plantings can create a peaceful and intimate hideaway Traditional

Nov , Get the welcoming look of these entryway containers by sticking curly willow branches into the existing soil of a container (or a bucket of sand if the container is empty) and covering the base with pinecones Last Minute Ideas for Stylish Winter Container Designs by Benjamin Vogt Monarch Gardens.

Sep , Apartment Balcony Decorating ideas Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas lt lt Pin It Give a cozy and arm look to your balcony by adding couches, a small coffee table and a wooden themed wall Try to pick The touch of gray brick walls in contrast to the white walls also give out a good charisma.

May , Rock Wall Ideas for a Style Strong Patio I cover topics ranging from decorating ideas, product picks, Houzz Rock walls have long been used to define outdoor spaces and add natural appeal to the landscape drive through any New England village and you will likely see low rock walls dotting the

Jul , Spark Wonder in the Garden With These Family Friendly Ideas Kids will enjoy filling seed trays with soil, poking holes in the soil with a small stick or their fingers, dropping seeds in and gently covering the seeds with soil Larger seeds like sunflowers, beans and pumpkin are easy for small hands and

Aug , Even the grungiest garden wall or drabbest fence can be beautified with a layer or two of exterior paint A solid block of color adds drama, a point of focus and a fresh feel to a garden Try black for a really strong, defined backdrop that s nevertheless easy to live with Contemporary Patio by Levitate Levitate.

May , Urban gardens may have started as a way to link us to our rural roots, but we now can turn to the cities themselves for garden inspiration Designers and gardeners are creating spaces that are doing more than just replacing asphalt with plants they re bringing communities together, providing habitats for

Apr , Before vertical gardens became popular, we used a simpler system to encourage plants to grow up the sides of buildings the humble garden trellis With a simple structure of wood or metal, you can cover a vertical surface with vines, make a divider between outdoor rooms, create a focal point or increase

Mar , Designed like a piece of furniture that you might find inside your house, this wooden storage unit, built into the garden wall, offers open shelves for logs Closed cupboards and d ers house items like dishes and barbecue tools Eclectic by mark rusconi architects mark rusconi architects Stand tall.

Apr , Here are common household eyesores, and DIY projects and ideas to help you disguise them (Image credit Ana White has plans available for a vent cover that you can build A larger version is Wall Outlets One Kings Lane used a hinged painting to cover up an ugly control panel Do the same for

Jun , Fence Board Planked Wall How To See how we DIY a shiplap plank style wood feature accent home improvement for about Our latest update here at the cottage has been to add a planked wall treatment With a Fox Hollow Cottage twist Our planked wall More Ideas Inspiration Gracie Blue

May , A spring garden is one of the sweetest things Bulbs emerge from the ground as if by magic, trees leaf out with fresh green growth, and flowering shrubs and perennials burst into bloom Here are ideas to make your garden shine in the spring Traditional Landscape by AHBL AHBL Showcase spring

Sep , I know that is a good one, but if you have other ideas, I m all ears I think some vines cascading over the wall will make it look so much better too and it will blend in more with the backyard There is already ivy coming over from the neighbor s yard that I have to combat, so I don t want to do ivy since it is so

Dec , Tropical oasis Dark wood, bright green bamboo, trailing vines, and mounted bird s nest and staghorn ferns help transform this lot in Melbourne, Australia, into a backyard jungle Using vines and narrow, upright plants such as bamboo to cover walls makes a small garden feel more green and lush