wooden curtain wall wooden wooden composite panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

,,, issued March , , to, the herein applicant, and entitled Panel wall structural unit and building construction, panel units are now used in wall The girder is preferably wood having secured to its sides supporting flange pieces a and b, respectively, upon which rest ends of the respective floor joists

Apr , In fill cassettes may have interior portions comprising glass, glass with operable mini blinds, stone, metal panels, composite panels, treated wood panels, simulated wood panels, louvers, bird screens, shadow box components (comprising glass, metal panels, etc.), metal extrusions, photovoltaic

A composite building panel includes an impact resistant adhesively bonded mesh web which, in combination with other panel features, prevents impact One such test, for example, is the resistance of a panel or wall structure in question to penetration from the impact on the exterior side of the panel of a wooden

Jun , said structural inner members comprising solid wood or engineered wood products, said panel comprising a cavity defined on two sides by said inner members, said cavity extending from a top end of said panel to a bottom end of said panel at least one of said outer facings further comprising an aperture

Jan , The panel of claim , wherein the panel comprises a caisson or formwork block made of a foamed or extruded polystyrene, wood cement, cement mixed perlite or other adhesive or pumice concrete, cellular cement materials, the base being so formed as to present a plurality of empty regions for housing