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Dec , Sven, Chaol and Alec renewed their assault but even with all their attacks combined Strahd managed to fend them off though the wounds he received in return didn t appear to be regenerating at the same rate as before Suddenly and without warning Strahd leapt backwards high onto a nearby rooftop

Jul , Under Armour s basketball shoe sales are skyrocketing.

Sep , The cast includes Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard Porter Gale, former CMO of Virgin America Bonin Bough, former senior director of digital and social media at PepsiCo Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank even Shaquille O Neal None of whom, by the way, is a client of Questus.

Dec , I noticed one Magrider would take AV fire from our troops then retreat to the same spot behind the base to repair, both gunner and pilot would alight to speed repairs I waited in this area for He got out, equipped in the heavy REXO armor, all shiny and purple, and asked if I wanted a tour I gladly accepted

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Feb , While modular ship design is nothing truly new, the concept of placing turrets on top of the ship and other modules in the middle and lower decks is Weapon slots are pre defined, as are engines, and weapons in lower decks have smaller firing arcs than those placed on the top Armor is applied to the ship

Mar , Under Armour launched a running shoe in January with a national campaign And Nike, of course, remains the segment s biggest spender Focus on cable Asics will focus its continued TV spending on cable, with ads running on channels such as ESPN, Comedy Central, Discovery and the Food Network,

Jul , He then changed into swimming shorts, located himself on an ideal location on the deck and held a Tupperware container (product number ) to the side of his neck, in lieu of a kidney basin The Super Soaker Max D was filled with body temperature water and then mildly pressurized using the

Aug , All first level clerics are the same as normal (hit dice, weapons, armor, saves, no spell, turn undead) For each [color or symbol] a thing that a cleric could see that would fill them with renewed zeal You should all review Jeff Rients threefold model to even begin understanding my superiour insight

Nov , Boasting a reputation as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, the expert mercenary is ready for hire, decked out in a hand tailored flight suit, layered belts with holsters and pouches, a hardshell armored vest, and western style poncho Though destined to one day become the face of the Clone army,

Dec , Snigger And then I got caught trying to lift some guard s armour Which didn t go down too well Knee armour so would ve saved my clothes nicking career at Buttless Boy says This is a great and creative post, and it renewed my interest in Skyrim I m most definitely not a pervy perv.

Aug , And Congress is entitled to launch an automatic review of any such initiative I have discussed this in Germany, and they are thinking of renewing the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia The deck gets reshuffled, and some people shoot themselves in the back of the head , with nailguns, times lt .

Jan , HMS Warrior , was the first armour plated, iron hulled warship, built for the Royal Navy in response to the first ironclad warship, the French Gloire, launched a year A single decker, or frigate, had one gun deck (in the hull) covered by a weather deck, which most people would think of as the deck.

May , Seems like he landed what he was going for The hazy, bell driven beat plods along while each rapper flexes, boasting prowess both fiscal and sexual Bottle service, check Model chicks, check Lamborghini, check With all those luxuries on deck, how can you not get rowdy Quotable Lyrics I damn near

Jan , Josef Joffe, the editor publisher of German weekly Die Zeit, suggests the easiest way to end the Trump catastrophe is to murder the president in the White House.

The show is a significant part of British popular culture, and elsewhere it has gained a cult following It has influenced generations of British television professionals, many of whom grew up watching the series The programme originally ran from to There was an unsuccessful attempt to revive regular production

Sep , Jan Bednar is the founder of ShipMonk, which is revolutionizing order fulfillment services for eCommerce businesses everywhere I invited him here to find out how he grew it from M to M to a M run rate in three years.

Dec , As his enemy died some of his life force was magically transferred to the fighter via the life stealing properties of the magical sword and he moved to engage the forces leader with renewed strength and vigour Sven moving with surprising speed for a man of his size sprinted across the square and attacked

Feb , Waka Flocka has some things to get off his chest, presumably about his former dawg Gucci Mane A few days, Waka Flocka took to his IG to share the artwork

I never remember much of E week The data overload flows through me and burns out the paths Then, months later I m reminded e.g oh hey, the Rising Storm gang Antimatter Games are making another realistic ish FPS, this time jumping to the Vietnam War! Yeah! This renewed awareness comes from

Apr , T.I and Tiny are calling it quits after six seasons Rumors of infidelity on both sides have led producers of reality show T.I Tiny The Family Hustl

May , Marvel Studios has started quite a powerful trend in the entertainment industry and all the other studios with comic book properties are trying to emulate what Marvel has created How long will Marvel be able to keep this up, though There s going to come a point where actors won t renew their contracts

Sep , With Card Hunter out and running very well since it s had a bit of time to stabilize, and now that I ve talked about the basic mechanics on how to play, I thought I d next take a minute to look at the actual cards themselves After the jump, card mechanics and details At a glance there can be some confusion on

May , You never know when a seemingly useless item will come in handy for a weapon or armor augmentation enhancement Speaking of Deck out your Main Pawn in cool gear, name him something catchy (a pop culture reference will earn you lots of summons), and even out his skillset You ll find that other