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There is also disclosed a building structure embodying modules of the kind described above and further embodying facade walls or panels covering one or more of It is also an object of the invention to provide such precast modules in which the side walls are of relatively thin cast construction, but have studs or stud like

Modeling of masonry infill panels for structural analysis A Madan, AM Reinhorn, JB Mander, RE Valles Seismic performance of precast reinforced and prestressed concrete walls T Holden, J Restrepo, JB Mander Rocking wall Frame structures with supplemental tendon systems JJ Ajrab, G Pekcan, JB Mander.

Feb , Seeking to build upon the rich lineage of Toronto s precast concrete history, the proposal provides an alternative to the pervasive glass curtain wall project Despite the prevalence of this construction method it s been met with great apprehension so often the mass produced panels are organized in a

Jul , Recent Developments in Diaphragm Wall, Barrette and Shaft Grouting noon Mr Non percussive Installation Methods for Precast Concrete Spun Piles p.m New Rapid Load Test Method According to ASTM D Singapore and Malaysia Experiences p.m Dr.

May , This patio in a valley outside Santa Barbara, California, stands up to warm summers and cold winters, while its subtle details blend with the picturesque surrounding landscape This is a very harsh climate in terms of hot, dry summers and frost ridden winters Plants of the wrong variety perish quickly, and

Oct , Of concern here is a precast concrete wall that forms the south edge of the residences You can see the undulating line of the wall in but at its high point it tops off near feet Rough aggregate marks the tops of most of the panels, but the significant expressions are the reliefs by artist Damon Kowarsky.

Apr , For the wall, we produced precast perforated concrete panels that d textures of light and shadow from the nearby foliage, and allow for a diaphanous, circumscribed glance of the garden The wind that passes through the wall shakes the water and the leaves, generating a cool microclimate during the

Jul , The exterior is a combination of stucco and concrete, clear cedar and matte black aluminum composite panel Contemporary Kitchen On the kitchen s storage wall, the cabinets clean fronts without handles continue the home s minimalist aesthetic Precast concrete pavers were used for deck flooring.

Feb , Furthermore, external precast concrete panels, with a range of potentially different aesthetics, are often designed to look more like stone than concrete, hence the name Recon The elaborate and elegant examples of precast concrete cladding used for much of the East Village Stratford (formerly the

Sep , REESE Atelier IGNITE PLLC Large sliding doors, one sheathed in plywood and covered with flat seamed break metal, and the other a steel framed, translucent polycarbonate panel, bypass each other via double track barn door hardware An aluminum roll up door and a cantilevered precast concrete sill

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Jul , Method of constructing a concrete building according to claim , with the addition of a horizontal beam strip along upper edge of said precast wall panel said beam strip extending continuously to engage a column strip, and an expansion strip between said beam strip and said wall panel isolates said beam

Dec , Photo shows hollow core precast concrete plank set on steel girders with a small cantilever The plank were cut out around the steel column in the foreground, and this cut out was filled with concrete at the time the topping was poured Precast plank are usually designed to bear on structural steel or walls