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In this project, we will show you how to prepare adhesive for installing polystyrene sheets on concrete wall, how to cut polystyrene and how to fix it properly it is gaining market as we speak, due to its unique features it is resistant to fire (the fire resistant versions), it reduces the exterior noise and the cost of maintenance.

Remove the bottom panel of the dishwasher, and disconnect the wires from the electrical box Remove the screws Fish the water supply line, drain pipe, and electrical wire through the cabinet wall into the adjoining cabinet under the sink, and slide the dishwasher in place Use the Watch this video to find out more.

Dec , Before hooking it up I installed amp fuses for circuit protection, one fuse inside the battery box in the battery positive line and the other on the wall in the solar panel positive line Next I covered the panels with a blanket so they weren t outputting power and hooked up all the wires to the charge

This is a real piece of furniture, as you can see from the trimmed panels, sturdy oak bar rail molding, and stainless steel foot rail Follow along as Saturday Install the shelves and corner stiles, and create the bar top (Steps ) Sunday Install Front Panel secure the stiles and rails on the front wall when building a bar.

Dec , And we made a dishwasher end panel! But now we have to attach that end panel to the wall, floor, and the sink base cabinet at the right distance away to fit a dishwasher inside Step Diagram Step Instructions So we took some scrap plywood strips (carefully measured to allow for a wide opening

Oct , http shedplan In this video Henry teaches you how to install LP Smart Panels (or similar siding panels made from plywood or OSB) Everything you need to know is included in our detailed instructions some of the main parts covered in this siding panel install tutorial are How to

Completed outdoor wood fence SUNDAY Install the panels and trim, and set the remaining posts (Steps and ) For cut list, see below or download the cut list here Cut List Panel This cut list is for one by inch panel For the lattice panel stops, you can safely rip up to three from each x common cedar board.

Nov , Owens Corning wall insulation keeps your home comfortable and quiet Learn how to install insulation in a weekend with this video there is a house for sale and it has this fiberglass put in from the outside of the house I could see it because the siding is missing on the rear of the house.

Find out how to install a tile backsplash the easy way using a self adhesive tile setting mat Watch this video to find out more sponge to remove any excess grout, and allow the grout to dry The tile used were Jeffrey Court French Palace Stone Marble Mosaic Wall Tile (model ) Watch this video to find out more.

Jan , Video covers removal of the old over the range microwave oven in our kitchen and steps taken to install a new microwave oven Click on the Nice video thanks One question though Assuming the previous unit was screwed into wall studs, why did you have to rediscover them via your stud finder .

Step I also installed a whole house audio system with a pair of speakers and volume control in every room driven by a central amplifier so I installed an A B switch in the control panel outside the sauna alongside the whole house audio volume control so you can switch between TV audio and whole house audio.

Watch this video to find out how to dress up drywall window returns by installing stock wood window casing molding around the opening Measure in from the outside edge of the window stool and make a small pencil mark on the wall Do the same on the other side of the stool This is the width of the top piece of

Nov , The glass panes on the inside of exterior light fixtures can be difficult to clean.Here s a tip that can You ll need glass cleaner, paper towels, and two foam paintbrushes with a width that fits your outdoor light fixture (we used wide brushes) Make sure the from the glass Watch this video to find out more.

Watch this video for tips on when you need to prime surfaces before painting and what type of primer you need to use Danny Lipford priming wall paneling with a paint roller Danny Lipford priming wall paneling Priming before painting has two purposes to increase bonding between the surface and the paint, and to hide

Jan , It s a giant DIY TV! Hang your LED screen on a wall, or take it to your next outdoor festival and blow people s minds When you re done building it, making the lights do what you want is as easy as editing a video no coding required Hang your LED screen on a Step Collect all the parts NextPrev.