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Aug , The room for which this ceiling texture is to be installed is in a small office library that has a wall to wall book shelf stained in a very dark walnut color Although there are a variety of Old World styles and techniques for ceiling textures it is the modern contemporary styles for what is in demand these days.

Huge mirrors on the wall of one side reflected the greenery that was outside Tables that lined the other side of the restaurant were The white peach and vinegar gave this dish a delicate freshness and the pistachios and very thin potato tuile imparted beautiful texture ceviche Swordfish Tartare, Frozen Dashi, Walnut

May , Discovered when a neighbor took interest in Kilpatrick s own home renovations I think she was attracted to the textured natural materials and clean lines in The chair s outdoor Stainless Steel Frame came from Angelucci th Century, and Kilpatrick supplied the leather seat, a vacation find in Sri Lanka.

Dec , Prior to launching exclusive tours in Old Acre and Caesarea, Vortex first offered its virtual reality technology in a historical tour context through a partnership with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation in As part of the tour, visitors experience a D reconstruction of the Second Temple in its entirety.

Jun , June , Thomas Bossert, Homeland Security Adviser for US President Donald Trump, announced today that Israel and the US had signed a cyber security collaboration agreement He spoke at the CyberWeek Conference, held at Tel Aviv University According to Bossert, teams from both countries

of species that are the heaviest of the Shorea species About species of this group grow from Sri Lanka and southern India through southeast Asia to the Philippines The texture is moderately fine to coarse, and the grain is often interlocked The wood weighs more than kg m ( lb ft) at moisture

Dec , This is how we knew to pay attention to The Panels of Saint Vincent which, otherwise, we would have surely missed Believed to have been painted in the s by Nuno Gon?alves, these panels were re discovered in the s, and are now considered to be the greatest existing treasure of ancient

Nov , Winners were chosen by a panel of judges including architect duo Barozzi Veiga, Foster Partners partner and head of communications Katy Harris, architect Ian Moore and photography duo Sense of Place category winner Kandalama Hotel, Sri Lanka, by Geoffrey Bawa, photographed by Tom Roe.

Mar , The intension was to maintain the outdoor indoor relationship very effectively with the use of large glazed panels The entrance lobby or the stair lobby is once again a double height space with a floating staircase running in one stretch as a feature on one side against a textured colored wall with a series of

Jan , It s a perfume pendant from a collection Lina made with some really talented silversmiths in Sri Lanka I just filled it up with my new favorite scent, Onsen, named for Lina I remember my first cross stitch wall hanging, that I did at the age of six Sadly, I don t still have it but I remember how it sucked me in,

Using a bed sheet in plain color, ensure the wall is covered right up to the floor This is to ensure the entire camera frame is filled with this same consistent background texture and color This makes standardizing the shots easier, especially if your baby is able to c l Lighting is also another important addition that should

May , It can be used to make the wall panels, floor and roof panels, and lintels These blocks are provided with a tongue and groove joint, that can be using the modular components, the number of possibilities are endless Patterns, hues, colours, textures, the wall surfaces can be treated however one likes.

Dec , Most cats prefer the texture of the sand like clumping litter Select a brand with no dust and one that clumps into a firm ball to make scooping easier and cleaner As a health precaution for kittens that might be prone to ingest the litter, use a non clumping litter until the kitten is older than four months.

Oct , The photo used is a rock wall that may, or may not, display mini quake fault lines Basic font and a first attempt, Autumn The top and bottom panels look like they are uncomfortably crammed full of type and graphic elements, sacrificed to the stock shot The designer lives in Sri Lanka The Preacher s

The Stokke high chairs, kids cutlery, View Masters, crayons and activity sheets placed on each table will certainly put kids (and their parents!) at ease Children can Worth mentioning are the pecorino cheese topped with spicy chili jam, and the Panko coated seafood a perfect combination in texture and taste plank.

May , I know what you re thinking that this decorative artist (faux finisher) has finally met his match and found someone just as crazy and off the wall as he is However in the decorative arts market (faux finishing) there has been many things discontinued and have to be researched heavily to try and locate

Apr , Like a small village, the complex is intended to resemble an unplanned juxtaposing of elements enclosed by a boundary wall This project provides houses in a Muslim fishing village, in the region of Tissamaharama, on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, following the destruction caused by the

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Nov , Like the boulders in the courtyard, the fireplace wall is textured basalt, another connection to the landscape The rock is interrupted by an accent band of rusted steel panels around the firebox The metal has a painterly quality it s a more refined version of what was used on the front gate Finne designed

Jan , London studio Blacksheep have completed a pizzeria for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver where a cinema listings board displays the menu and diners can watch chefs at work on vintage televisions.

Oct , A vital step toward a more effective treatment How will the team successfully predict the location of the secondary cancer Following a series of studies, Weihs has developed a novel process of three dimensional biomechanical imaging, using unique gel capsules that simulate the texture of healthy cells.