wood wall panels montreal

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Feb , In Montreal s Golden Square Mile the downtown district that evokes the glory days when the city was Canada s undisputed metropolis, propelled by The interior was magnificent, with its walls panelled in precious wood, its stained glass windows imported from Italy, its marble chimneys and its

Aug , in Montreal, which has become a model for many prefabricated development that provide each residence with private outdoor space The tower s CLT units would be assembled off site, then delivered and stacked onto the foundations and around the central core Afterwards, wooden facade panels would

May , For both houses, glazed entrances lead into sparsely furnished interiors with blank white walls The white walls create a more luminous, airy feeling space They are also reflective in colour, maximising the benefits of natural daylight, said the architect Coleraine houses in Canada by naturehumaine.

Sep , Almost everything, from floor to ceiling, has been painted chalk white, including some of the original wooden panelling One series of small rooms bisected by a row of doorways even includes what was obviously a tiled bathroom, where a soap dish and toilet paper dispenser are still inset into the walls.

Apr , Canadian architecture firm transforms an existing duplex in Montreal into a contemporary, light filled single family house for a family of four Naturehumaine kept the original wooden structural beams and boards and used them to create a beautiful and warm wooden wall as a backdrop to the staircase.

Nov , A wooden walkway will snake through a terrain planted with real trees and vegetation, and descend down stone steps into a mountainous terrain to create an immersive experience for visitors Glasshouse by Lacaton Vassal A curved wall wraps each ecosystem like a skin, said the architects Sensitive

Mar , Walls of black bricks extend through the facade, forming both interior and exterior surfaces, while floors feature a mixture of white painted wooden boards and dark slate tiles th Avenue House by naturehumaine Photography by Adrien Williams Here s a project description from Naturehumaine

Mar , Warm interior finishes, such as ash and walnut wood, were chosen for the floors and ceilings The architects also painted all interior walls white, which created brighter living spaces Appareil Architecture recently completed another home renovation in Montreal, refurbishing a single family residence to

Dec , A pair of amateur explorers discovered the once in a lifetime find after searching for years.

Mar , To achieve this in Montreal, Naturehumaine used a palette of materials including plaster, plywood, limestone, brass and reclaimed wood Aesop Mile end by Naturehumaine A monolithic demonstration sink in the middle of the store is covered in locally sourced limestone panels, and topped with a

Nov , APPAREIL architecture has designed the new offices of film production company Cinéphile located in Montreal, Canada Design of the offices for a Montreal b the simplicity of its materials Plywood panels and steel work perfectly with the white walls and ceilings, while giving a slight industrial touch.

Jun , When you think of a palette of wood and white, a sleek kitchen might come to mind, or even a modern sunroom But this neutral and Feature Wall Here, the bed wall is showcased in a beautiful wood This design detail transforms the bedroom by adding a rustic atmosphere to balance the white and glass.

May , House SIMARD architecture Designs a Contemporary Home in Rural Montreal In the light, the slate cladding reacts to the changing skies of Normandy, and settles the house in its landscape Nearby fa?ades from A series of load bearing walls, made of wooden panels, carve the space Openings, cut

Nov , A wood lined cafeteria, black and white stairwells, and blue lounges all feature at the Montreal offices for video game company Electronic Arts The cafeteria features timber panelling on its wall and ceiling and has long wheelable tables for employees to sit at using mismatched chairs Electronic Arts by

Jan , Woodland Quebec home by Bourgeois Lechasseur features a facade of wooden tiles Inside, the house has a cool colour palette of white and black with blue accent walls and built in cabinets and closets A bookcase in the living room features dark stained wood shelving with blocky blue vertical supports,

Oct , The challenge was to divide each area in order to optimise the space while respecting the architectural integrity of the existing location, Goneau said Espace Panet by Anne Sophie Goneau To achieve this, Goneau began by taking away the load bearing walls and replacing them with wooden beams to