south africa porch fir flooring

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Jul , Because of the budget, we chose fir wood for the interior and exterior, which is the most common local wood, Carpintero told Dezeen The porch creates a space between inside and outside, and is very useful when the owners come home from skiing, providing space to take off their boots and coats,

Dec , Joann Hambuechen of south Florida also went with a fun, beachy look to go with her coastal locale Her pets are on board I live in the Pacific Northwest, where fir trees grow like weeds, so my Christmas tree is always a Doug fir that I want clipped out of my view, alexsutton writes They are a bit leggy

Jul , Rejoice with South African native fan aloe Mass this fanned succulent for a more structured grass alternative Late winter flowers attract hummingbirds Fan aloe is drought tolerant but looks best with some supplemental water and shelter from harsh sun If you live in a climate with freezing winters, consider

Apr , Adobe construction is common in South and Central America and is occasionally used in semi arid regions of the USA, Australia, and elsewhere Air right The right of the owner of a low city building with fewer floors than allowed by the plot ratio to sell the space above for another building to be stacked

Dec , One high strength steel cable is attached to each tree Two Douglas fir beams are suspended from other cables, creating the platform for the structure Eclectic by This suspended structure is part of a series called Weaver s Nest, in South Africa The inner structure is steel, and the outer structure is woven

Apr , ( In the background is a hint to another project we are working onand no, the project isn t decrapifying our front porch, lol) DIY Pine Table I m another Texas galand my entire family is from San Antonio (I am the youngest and the only one born in Austinso I consider SA a second home) We now live

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Aug , Dispersed throughout the cabin are spaces for relaxation, such as a sauna, a Japanese style ofuru soaking tub and a furnished screened in porch Interior finishes include wire brushed walnut flooring, handcrafted tiles and windows lined with fir Benches and bar tops were fabricated using wood reclaimed

Nov , The white shelves and ceiling contrast with the refinished fir floors and the colourful spines of the books Red House by Waechter Architecture A small bedroom, a bathroom, and a staircase are all arranged around the main space The upper floor contains a bedroom and sitting room, separated by sliding

Jan , The ideal windows are east facing, although they often do well in south and west facing windows The key is to keep them out of the direct sun and heat Moving a plant a Other choices include fir bark, sphagnum moss and perlite Other care is relatively simple Orchids are not overly prone to pests, but if

Jul , Many drought tolerant gardens are far from barren gravel patches studded with cactuses They can be lush, colorful landscapes that support pollinators and have a lighter environmental footprint Take a look at these eight gardens that prove low water borders can be just as vibrant and luxuriant as

Sep , The licorice plant shown here is a fabulous drought tolerant and deer resistant ground cover The felted silvery foliage provides interest all summer Origin South Africa Where it will grow Hardy to degrees Fahrenheit (USDA zones a to b find your zone) or enjoy it as an annual Water requirement L

Mar , There is no elevator you have to climb the stairs and pass three floors of office space where people are typing away furiously Once you reach the terrace, the setting changes A huge poster of the young composer s photos and of his recent albums welcomes you The terrace has a pretty porch used mainly

Dec , What a December it has been so far While Southern California continues to battle some of the most devastating wildfires in the state s history, early December storms provided regions as far south as Louisiana and southern Texas with a beautiful white Christmas When we asked to see your winter views,

Apr , The hearth is two sided the other side serves the large front porch Doors on either side slide in the summer breezes The rhythm of the trusses is the same from indoors to out, but they change from Douglas fir inside to steel outside The floors throughout are heart pine, salvaged from river bottom trees.

Jan , Instead of eating at your desk or in front of the TV, eat in a courtyard or on a porch Use apps like eBird and help scientists collect nature So more than a decade ago, Tillman and a friend, Greg Wolley, founded the African American Outdoor Association The group organizes monthly outings for black

Jan , An additional screen made from Douglas fir was inserted to delineate a route from the entrance porch to the kitchen The screen loosely separates these spaces from the open plan living areas beyond and supports steel beams required to replace a structural wall that was removed Waterloo Road by TAKA.