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Feb , Once you spread the word that you re looking for leftover tile, siding, windows, doors, bricks and so forth, it s amazing what will come your way people tend to save these things for projects that are never The semitransparent polycarbonate panels on artist Jenny Karp s shed roof let in loads of natural light.

Apr , A pigmented ink usable in an ink jet printer in which the maximum particle size of the pigment is sufficiently small not to block the nozzles or the filters of the printer and the particle size range is sufficiently narrow for the ink to have a low viscosity for the printer to operate The ink is particularly suited for

Nov , If we make concrete too thin, it will crack, while thin sheets of steel are easy to bend, lighter and less expensive Transitional by Vladimir Petek, Architekt HTL Vladimir Petek, Architekt HTL Unlike with the Arts and Crafts movement, adopting craft doesn t also require rejecting the aesthetics of technology.

Aug , With its simple gabled roof forms and straightforward design elements, the Boston area style maintains a centuries long following.

Nov , Dry laid stone patios are less expensive to install than wet laid stone patios and maintain flexibility over time It s much easier to correct shifts that may occur in the Wet laid stone patios are constructed with pavers set on a concrete base or other mortar surface Once pavers are laid on the surface, they are

Sep , Shown A CIP concrete driveway with rectangular score lines and an exposed aggregate finish Contemporary Patio by Prestige Builders Prestige Builders Pros Suitable for all climates Very affordable Standard building material that s easy to source Easy to maintain Can be colored, sealed, stamped

Dec , Whether you re seeking affordable first rate durability or you re a DIYer ready to tackle a kitchen makeover, tile countertops might be the right surface for you Traditional And if you choose ceramic tile, you can look for recycled content tiles, like those from FireClay Tile, to boost your kitchen s green cred.

Feb , Angela Treat Lyon carves robust, figurative sculptures out of stone with the help of her favorite tool a custom hammer with a shorter handle to better fit her hands Her favorite He and his wife, Geri, did everything from building furniture and cabinets to placing tile and installing windows Victorian Home

May , Even with this added security, I don t recommend installing these in a shower or tub surround you ll want to tile on cement board instead Use green or If installed properly, it is quite effective but that doesn t come cheap If you re Better yet, DIYers should rent a drywall lift for ceilings It s worth the

Jun , The building s original timber framework and traditional pitched roof were retained, but the walls were removed and replaced with clear sheets of ridged polycarbonate Miyagawa Bagel by Roovice The transparent walls make it possible for visitors or people on the road to see what is happening inside the

Jul , Clay tile Like the stucco walls that support them, clay tile roofs are created by mixing natural materials and forming the mix into a special shape As each tile weathers and ages differently, the whole roof takes on the feeling that it has been there forever and will continue to be there for some time.

Jul , Everyone thinks it s straightforward and cheap to make a car bullet resistant, but when we tell them the cost involved in the process, they give up on the with glazed shielding, which consists of a sandwich of glass, polyvinyl butyral, glass, polyurethane and finally, polycarbonate layers, bonded together.

Sep , Wallflower Architecture Design has built this unique residence in Singapore that is water cooled by a second floor pond, and man made streams throughout The modern home at first appears to be a design of horizontal lines white concrete frames the first story, while thick wooden roofs extend over

Jun , This is a great example of experimenting with curtains in two contrasting colors, and in this case the teal green curtains placed in the corner anchor the seating area as well as provide a stronger shield from the sun when d n Who wouldn t want to take a little midday nap here Eclectic Patio by Stedila

Oct , durability and performance, and the same installation options as ipe Some have a grain that tends to rise when the wood is wet, some are more malleable for curved decks, and others have a variety of grain patterns Pros Nearly all have better rot and insect resistance and are denser than their domestic

Dec , Gravel has a lighter visual appearance and is easier to install than many other hardscape materials, such as poured concrete or mortared stone Here Also, look for types of crushed gravel with jagged edges they re better at locking in place than gravels made up of round stones What to Know About

Jul , Recycled PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has a significantly better ecological footprint than virgin PVC, using up to percent less energy in its production Used predominantly in flooring and building materials, PVC is highly durable and has good fire resistance This cheerful Piet Mondrian inspired playhouse is

Jul , Concrete tile roofs are more expensive, difficult and time consuming to install than asphalt, or composition, shingle roofs But they are less expensive than clay or slate roofs In many cases, concrete tiles can create a similar look for significantly less cost Concrete roof tiles can typically be installed by a

Apr , Aluminum doors, porcelain tiles, polished concrete Here are the It s a special challenge balancing the custom and the affordable, and architects have favorites for those applications too It s not This is a simple, hidden component that makes floor to ceiling floating glass and cast acrylic panels possible.

Oct , Put terra cotta on top Modern terra cotta roof tiles are strong, are frost and salt resistant, have high color retention and provide insulation Rainwater runoff from terra cotta tiles is also suitable for domestic reuse You can choose modern profiles for contemporary homes, or traditional curved Mediterranean

Jun , This gray sail works beautifully with the concrete outdoor fireplace on this Auckland, New Zealand, deck Choose a sail with high UV A simple and relatively inexpensive roofing option is transparent corrugated polycarbonate roofing It lets in the light and keeps out the wet Opt for a tinted version if you

Aug , For the owners, the results couldn t have been better The home s A Vespa motorbike is parked under the generous veranda roof, protected from the weather Traditional With the same vanity marble and floor tile as in the en suite, the family bathroom is a slightly larger version of the master en suite.

Jul , This application claims priority to Singapore Patent Application filed Nov methods, systems, apparatus and techniques as disclosed may be used to make available a constant supply of cheap and affordable swiftlets edible nests for consumers H shows the side view of external tile .

The wait is almost over On January we will reveal the winners of the Wallpaper Design Awards Glittering gongs will be pinned on the past year s world rockingest people, places and very particular things Careers will be lifted, corks will be popped and tears will well To tide you over, here is a preview of the

Jul , Apply this urban adage to your roof deck or lanai with vertical gardens Scandinavian Outdoor Decor The simple and affordable solution is Ikea s instant decking For a more country porch portable burlap planters They store flat in winter, or better yet, you can use them as much needed indoor storage.