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May , There is provided a new and useful unitized panel assembly for partition walls comprising a frame structure comprising in open rectangular expense of the moving process, and, in view of the significant amount of this activity required, as noted above, in a highrise office tower, the wall relocation cost factor

Jul , A vertically foldable wall partition comprises a plurality of panels mounted to a number of horizontally spaced apart vertically foldable skeleton framework Each skeleton framework includes a number of pivotally interconnected arms which are adapted to be successively folded in a predetermined sequence

Sep , Sliding Door Sets from Home Depot, Vinyl Tubing, ×, Two long bolts and nylock nuts Description Needed sliding doors for full height, wall to wall closet with opening dimension of × on a budget Home Depot and Lowes did not carry off the shelf door panels that would fit that opening without

ln an operable panel type top supported partition arrangement for temporarily subdividing room space including a plurality of discrete panels, an overhead track system from which said panels are suspended for movement between a storage position and selected wall forming positions within the room space, with the

Mar , Operable partitions, also known as movable wall panel systems, find useful application in a variety of venues, such as classrooms, offices, convention centers and hospitals In these venues, the operable partitions can be utilized to efficiently compartmentalize interior space into a multitude of separate,

A demountable partition assembly comprising runners attached to the floor and ceiling, upper and lower stabilizer members mounted respectively on the upper and lower runners, and wall panels demountably supported on the stabilizer members Adjacent panels are removably connected at their joints, to form the partition,

Sep , The internal walls of House in Chau Doc have been swapped for moveable metal partitions, opening up the layout and allowing the inhabitants to move freely from room to room, creating a The roof has been inverted so that it forms a butterfly like structure when the metal panels are pushed open.

Mar , The plurality of wall panels are movable from a folded storage position to a deployed use position to form a wall under the adjustable length overhead truss Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims An adjustable support system for an operable partition including a plurality of

Bracket arms extend at an obtuse angle opposite the element in the closed position A spring set between the free ends of the two opposing brackets exerts torsional forces around the panel element hinge axes These forces act in a closing direction in a closed folding wall and in an opening direction in an open folding wall.

May , A full height partition wall system is characterized by a unitary panel with a vertically movable head panel and a vertically movable foot panel secured thereto and forming a part thereof adapted to be moved upwardly and downwardly, respectively, to secure the panel to and directly against a ceiling and

An object of the present invention is to provide a folding accordion type door or partition in which each panel includes a side edge frame member which provides a For this purpose, the members and a each comprise a pair of confronting, spaced, slightly bendable walls , the inner confronting sides of which are

Sep , generally indicates an operable partition arrangement equipped with the present invention, and comprising a plurality of panels suspended from a trackway (see FIG ) by roller type carrier units and hinged at alternate side edges as at (see FIG ) to swing between the wall forming positions

With this construction, the panel can be readily moved longitudinally within the trailer to vary the size of the compartments, as desired The panel is locked at any desired location by means of slide bolts which engage suitable openings in the bottom portion of the side wall of the trailer If the partition is not required for a

Apr , Operable walls or partitions, also known as movable wall panel systems, find useful applications in a variety of venues such as classrooms, offices, convention facilities, hospitals or the like In these venues, the operable partitions are often moved along overhead tracks from which the partitions are

Jun , A portable and operable wall system utlizing panels extending between a floor and ceiling with a channel shaped member having seal means thereon Wall systems having vertically disposed panels, partitions, room dividers, and the like, extending between a ceiling and floor are well known with various

In forming movable partitions, a conventional practice is to frame all wall panels and any glass panes required in the partition in a lattice of wood or metal beams or studs In a .previous style of movable partition system, a metallic support element having an I section is employed in parts of the lattice framework and channels

Nov , , there is diagrammatically shown a movable wall system which may be equipped with any of the soffit assemblies of the present invention The movable wall system is shown as a paired panel system and includes operable partitions or movable wall panels , and , suspended from track by

To complete the seal about the perimeter of the extended folding partition the system includes the application of pneumatic or hydraulic pressure within vertical wall seals (one at each end of the extended partition) to completely seal the exposed vertical edges of the first and last panels to the adjacent wall surfaces.

(Cl lb ) The present invention relates to improved sealing mechanism for movable partition panels, doors and the like and define the side walls of the metallic guide box , and thereby strongly resist any side stresses against the partition panel reacting against the locked engagement of the oor sealing strip with

Mar , The header pan, the overhead track, or a combination of both may form a fire resistant barrier extending from a wall of the adjoining structure to an The hinged connection of the panels allows the movable partition to be compactly stored in a pocket formed in a wall A of a building when in

Jan , J WILL AM NIVEN I NORMA V JACK BENNETT BY l ATTORNEY United States Patent ,, MOVABLE WALL PANEL SYSTEM William Niven Dickie, London, Ontario, and Norman Jack Bennett, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada, A movable partition wall system comprising in combination,.