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Oct , An improved acoustically and thermally insulating composite material suitable for use in structures such as buildings, appliances, and the interior least one vehicle part is selected from the group consisting of a dash board, an engine side wall, a hood, a door panel, a trunk compartment, a passenger floor,

The entry to the Museum is through a room that throws light on cotton and silk, indigo and madder as the basic materials of Indian textiles This chakla, wall hanging from the Kathi community of Saurashtra, Gujarat, combines glass bead embroidery (in the central square) with applique work and pipings (in the borders).

Oct , Specifically, a chassis comprised substantially of aluminum alloy and thermoplastic and a body and interior panels consisting entirely of thermoplastic superior quality control during production, and ensuring that materials eventually recycled can be efficiently restored to high manufacturing quality .

Jan , An ultra thin compact vacuum insulation panel is comprised of two hard, but bendable metal wall sheets closely spaced apart from each other and into contact with said wall sheets, said web and protrusions being fabricated of a hard glass or ceramic material that has a very low heat conductivity, and said

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Aug , CNBM Mineral Fiber Ceiling adopts granulated high density Mineral Wool as the main material and top production technique which gives it superior features of fire proofing, sound absorption, heat insulation sag resistance They are cost effective and are mainly used for acoustics and decoration.

The walls of the pores in this invention comprise both inorganic filler particles (aggregates or fused) and organic binders (polymers) Many inorganic materials are candidate fillers, including (but not limited to) calcined gypsum, sand, clay, glass, chopped fibers, mineral wool, pulverized Space dividing wall panel.

Dec , Finding a reliable source for quality wood in Bali was the biggest challenge, Benoist says It was there that he developed a love of simple, authentic materials For variety the bedroom walls feature plaster on the lower portion and wood paneling on the upper half the opposite of the living area.

Aug , The palette options include wood, metal mesh, stone and glass and the materials shown for selection from the palette include rectangular panel tiles The materials shown for selection from the palette for a decorative wall which can extend from floor to ceiling in height of a lobby or elevator interior.

Prior art U shaped channel type beading for protecting or decorating the edge of a panel, such as a metal sheet, a car door, and so forth, is known in the prior art , there is shown a beading profile strip consisting of an elongated strip of a rubber like material, such as rubber or poyvinyl chloride, or the like, having a

Mar , The design method claim wherein the material shown for selection from said palette for a decorative back rear panel includes a back wall panel The first method of picking a stock or traditional elevator cab design is usually low cost because the materials are low quality and the engineering is simple.

May , If you want a classic sink material that rejects bacteria, babies your dishes and develops a patina, copper is for you Copper sinks come in varying thicknesses gauge (thicker and higher in quality) to gauge (thinner and less expensive) Cost to , and up for thicker gauge copper and

This invention relates generally to a method of producing a superior quality of glass or other brittle material resulting in an end product which is substantially psi has been achieved in tests of one embodiment of the invention, namely, glass plate formed with rounded and felt polished edges and chemically strengthened.

This invention relates to alkali metal silicate paints and more particularly to improvement n quality of such a nts Solutions of boards, etc Unlike oil paints, these water and mineral paints are uninflammable and so are desirable for coating organic fibre wall board and other such burnable materials exposed to high fire risk.

Building Decoration [] The glass ceramic composite ceramic composite tiles are made of glass ceramic and ceramic matrix made with decorative materials, has started about ten years, although the development time is not long, but because of its low water absorption, resistance to pollution , acid and

Aug , The present invention is a method or process of making terrazzo flooring, countertop or decorative coatings from a mixture of recycled glass and epoxy resin The coating will consist of a matrix of resinous material containing a hard aggregate in the form of recycled glass, which is distributed throughout the

Jul , A light box is provided having supporting brackets connected to a rear panel member or wall surface A decorated flexible sheet member is stretched across the face of each of the lightboxes and held in place by extrusions which tension the sheet material A plurality of lights (preferably metal halide lights)

Feb , The decor may hearken back to the s, but the methods and materials used to build the five bedroom house are among latest advancements in in style and quality, hate open air s s deviders behind organ, have to be dusted, i personally prefer opaque glass if it was meant for zoned heating

Television has come a long way since the days of big, boxy sets we can watch our favorite shows or movies in high definition with superior sound If you have a large great room where you watch TV, you ll want a media wall system that houses everything together a simple media stand would look lost in a big family

A glazing bead is installed along at least a portion of the glazing pane installation opening after the glazing panes have been inserted It is noted that the glazing bead can comprise any type of suitable covering, such as a strip or frame formed from the same or similar material as the sash frame, a strip or frame formed from a