composite panel for interior roof edges

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and , secured together in edge to edge relationship with seals embodying the present invention Referring more particularly to FIGS and which show the overall panel design, number denotes an interior metal sheet and numeral denotes an exterior metal sheet, between which is formed a core of rigid urethane

May , A plurality of panels having two different shapes and relative dimensions are alternately secured to purlins to form the roofing system so that half of the The shape of the mold s interior section ensures that the sandwich panel will have substantially parallel surfaces and and peripheral edges

Mar , One, or both, of the rails ends in a flange that is contoured to engage the cavity formed by the groove when the panel edge portion is bent around the groove and It is one objective of the present invention to provide an improved system for attaching composite panels to exterior or interior wall structures.

Aug , a vehicle body including a roof assembly having a roof outer panel and front and rear roof headers spaced longitudinally along the outer panel, a pair of Generally, precise location of the headliner in the vehicle is not required, because painted metal or molded plastic garnish trim covers the edges of the

Mar , A skylight system for standing seam metal roofs, shingle roofs and sun roofs in which sheet plastic skylights having upstanding edges are provided In one embodiment, a skylight is installed in a roof formed from metal standing seam panels In another embodiment, a skylight is installed in an opening in a

Nov , For example, composite panels are often used to form interior components of an aircraft such as, without limitation, floor panels, lavatories, walls, closets, a substantially flat composite panel having adjacent sections that may be formed into a bend having a radiused corner comprises first and second

In a first embodiment, the roof panel is replaced by an engineered, structural system to support overhead components, the headliner, etc Metal extrusions are formed at the time of preparation of the roof, and are shaped so that other fittings can be clipped over the edges, such as sealing strips for doors and windows.

A machine for forming a bonded edge fold on a headliner is disclosed The headliner includes a ceiling and an edge flange that has a wall section and a backing section The machine includes a lower die that receives the headliner and an upper die disposed above the lower die The machine further includes a slide

Feb , A connecting system for prefabricated panels for forming walls and roofs of buildings which includes a non structural concrete corner piece for When abutted with the connected concrete wall panels and , the corner piece is secured by affixing the straps to the interior faces of the panels

Jan , When used as roof panels and as nonload bearing walls, the edges of SIPs are often manufactured so that splines of nominal one inch lumber are used to join the panels The interior side of an SIP (i.e a wall or ceiling) is usually finished with gypsum drywall board on furring strips screwed into the SIPs.

Sep , An interior wall and ceiling panel for use in the cabin of a passenger aircraft which includes attachment brackets, a support bracket assembly having three attachment brackets mounted near the edges of the panels for attaching the panels to the supporting structure at points in between said panels and

The roof of a residential or commercial building is typically constructed by attaching several roofing panels to the rafters of an underlying supporting structural frame the panels are most often placed in a quilt like pattern with the edge of each panel contacting the edges of adjacent panels so as to form a substantially

The underneath side of the ceiling structure is the finished side, the visible ports consisting of a series of parallel, elongated panel faces defined by a plurality of flat The satisfactory operation of a building structure embodying the invention, in a fully leak free operation of maintaining a dry interior when subjected to test

Each of the joints includes an interior splice plate and an exterior splice plate, and co facing edge portions of the adjacent pair of panels are sandwiched between the interior and exterior splice places Each edge is a cross sectional view of a composite roof panel and an upper rail of the trailer of FIG , and a joint

Dec , The wind uplift resistant roofing structure of claim wherein said individual insulation blocks are laid in a side by side abutting arrangement The wind uplift resistant structure of claim wherein the encapsulating panels are each dimensioned and configured and disposed in a row along the outer edges

Jun , The roof assembly for a structure including a number of support elements including walls, columns and beams includes a plurality of complementary shaped roof The roof panel of claim , wherein the vent hole of the at least one of the plurality of primary ribs is located adjacent an interior of the first sheet.

Jul , This invention relates generally to the mounting, securing and operation of solar energy collectors such as photovoltaic panels, and more particularly to a hold down system that retains solar panels in position via cables under tension attached to roof edge mounts universally adaptable to any type of roof