synthetic tongue and groove ceiling

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The tongues and are substantially parallel and are of different widths, tongue having a greater width than tongue The tongues and are dimensioned to be captured and slidably retained in groove Since the tongues and are of different widths as illustrated, insertion of tongue in groove will

Likewise, the groove is adapted to receive the tongue of another siding panel when installed on a building structure [] Each of the An example of a weathering agent is titanium dioxide, and examples of a vinyl substrate composition and a vinyl capstock composition are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compositions.

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Sep , Since metal or a heat resisting synthetic resin is very hard, protrusions formed in a cylindrical portion of an escutcheon formed from such hard material could not be inter engaged with the groove in the sprinkler head Even when an escutcheon of a heat resisting material is divided into a plurality of tongue

EC Joists Girders, trusses, or trusslike structures, e.g prefabricated Lintels Transoms Braces built up from parts of different material, i.e composite structures While in some cases, the present invention may be involved in the construction of the ceiling and roof of the building, it will be assumed that only the walls

Face is substantially planar and is generally comprised of a material (e.g a synthetic polymer, Teflon, and so on) that has a smooth texture It can be observed that there can be a tongue and groove or other type of arrangement that provides for a stopping point for extension of the telescoping members.

Preferably any interlockable component for use as part of a set as previously described in this section uses tongue and groove complementary joints having standardised, compatible dimensions along mating edges of the component, said joints comprising the interlocking portions said joints being capable of being joined

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May , The improvement according to claim wherein said cover is a synthetic polymeric material The improvement according to claim Resilient gasket has a groove a that engages tongue of cover and a surface b that mates with surface of leg c Channel section further includes a

An optional simulated brick facing composed of individual overlapping joint rectangular brick simulating facing plates (FIG ) can be used Each such plate is of the size of a standard face brick, with a body of moldable material such as synthetic plastic or ceramic material with reinforcement ribs connecting

Aug , The improvement according to claim wherein said cover is a synthetic polymeric material Resilient gasket has a tongue a that engages groove of leg b Resilient gasket has a groove a that engages tongue of cover and a surface b that mates with surface of leg c.

The disclosure teaches a method for joining metal plastic laminates and a firmly bonded assembly prepared thereby In accordance with the disclosed method, two sheet like metal plastic laminates, each of which has at least one layered edge portion, are firmly bonded together at said edge portions.

Apr , composite board) I would argue most strenuously use for roof sheeting and wall sheeting that is not tongue and groove tongue and groove The products like Advantec and Goldbond are engineered wood products for floor use and are tongue and groove The chips and ratio of fine particles are

EF Coverings or linings, e.g for walls or ceilings composed of covering or lining elements Sub structures therefor Fastening means therefor it difficult to properly position the pneumatic hammer in order to insert the mechanical fastener in proper position along the elongated groove (substantially in the middle

In the past, tongue and groove planks installed diagonally were used as sheathing Occasionally, wooden or galvanized steel braces Exterior finishes for walls and ceilings often include plywood or composite sheathing, brick or stone veneers, and various stucco finishes Cavities between studs, usually placed cm

Jun , A front panel constituted by a synthetic resin molded product is used with respect to a base panel , side panels , and a top panel According to this arrangement, even when there is no space between a ceiling surface and a top surface of the outdoor unit, such as when an outdoor

Feb , is a perspective view of a tongue and groove arrangement for soffit and ceiling panels FIG is a cross sectional view The exterior surface of the light gauge material can be embossed with a woodgrain, painted in any color and or striated with a colored PVC coating A substrate material, preferably a

Composite permanent block form for reinforced concrete construction and method of making same The end walls and each have vertically disposed parallel grooves and respectively and ridges and respectively, the arrangement of groove and ridge of the left hand wall being complementary to

Aug , For example, a water based adhesive, synthetic resin film, polymeric layer, polyolefin, polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutylene, polyvinylchloride, hot mastic The wood boards generally have a tongue and groove construction for fitting the wood boards tightly together to form the wood