decking made from wood and plastic in south africa

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Apr , Water can drain through gaps in the wooden decking or through layers of stone and gravel used for flooring elsewhere in the bathhouse is disposed of through piping buried beneath the ground, while urinals located at the rear of the building are produced cheaply from old tyres fixed to plastic pipes.

Nov , Sant Pere Sacarrera Footbridge made from Corten steel by Alfa Polaris The main one is a two span continuous deck formed by two Warren truss girders with variable depth, linked together at bottom flanges by transversal beams General contractor Excavaciones y Construcciones Benjumea, S.A

Mar , The translucent skin is made of plastic composites based on resin and glass fibers with lightened core, and it is in constant interplay with the LED lighting system at the base that change the color tone The result is a unique sculptural object which constantly changes faces during the day and time of year.

Sep , A private terrace at the other end of this level overlooks native trees at the rear of the site and features a transparent corrugated plastic roof, which allows light to Ironbark wood is used to form the external decking, while internal floors feature oak boards with a grey finish that creates a sense of continuity

Jun , Students from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design designed and built a seaside sauna made up of wooden bands that stagger up over the rocky terrain Glass was added to give a transparent end wall to the sauna, while other windows use translucent polycarbonate plastic The Bands sauna and

Mar , We only just made it back to Zeebrugge to catch the ferry for the return crossing We ate together as the ship I fell on to my back and slid along the polished wooden decks of the ship s lounge until I landed on the front of the bar, which had gone from vertical to horizontal In the brief moments before the

Another object of the invention is a process for producing a panel of solidified foam made by mixing a plastic foam of low cost but having a tendency to shrink Subsequently marginal part of greater strength than core and of preshaped material, such as wood, metal or molded plastic composition, may be bonded in the

Feb , The method of claim , wherein high density polyethylene resin is produced from recycled high density polyethylene The method of Another application for HDPE is wood plastic composites, composite wood and plastic building materials to replace wood, concrete and metal components Recycled

Mar , Most of my habits and shortcuts are made with the idea of getting the job done without having to do a massive cleanup afterward So I ll skip the taping step I then do the ol bread bag wrap trick (you know the one, when you lose the twist tie) and wrap the excess plastic around the brush I sometimes then

Jul , Illustrates the top view of the two piece formed design molded plastic base of the Plectrum Clip FIG Illustrates the top For wood materials, us a C and C machine to carve the pick clip design, fine sand to remove imperfections, stain and seal wood for protection The metal, polymer, or wood is the

Oct , American firm Steven Holl Architects has completed an Iowa art school that consists of concrete volumes sheathed in weathering zinc and stainless steel.

Aug , Five cliff top buildings feature walls that fold in on themselves to frame views and offer privacy in this South Korean holiday resort by Atelier Chang Similarly, wood effect ceramic floor tiles inside follow on from timber decking outside Knot House by Atelier Chang Because we have wet areas such as the

Aug , Contractors were buying not just a truckload of decking or a few dozen sheets of drywall, but in some cases the makings of entire houses and cottages Ever hopeful, Collins had emblazoned the marquee above the new store s south door with the words Contractor Entrance which, as one of the store s

Aug , The South African bulbs too are stirring in their pots, awaiting their first drink of water from the hose in the greenhouse Nerine, amaryllis and bulbous oxalis are all A bridge made of wood and a little terrace on the steep rocks led us to another trellis that faced the setting sun There, bitter melons and more

May , Or perhaps you d like to build a few hardscape features out in your yard like a built in bench, an arbor, or planter boxes for container gardening Contrast this with non durable wood species, whose lifespan is only a handful of years if you don t apply a preservative, whereas redwood can last or

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Apr , The architects response was to create two elevated spaces an enclosed office made from glass and concrete, and a terrace covered in dark wood decking Project La Capsula by Noborders Collective The structures sit at opposite sides of the yard, with the office hoisted onto a wall above a corner patio

Dec , The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA) at Design Indaba Expo surveys the most beautiful creations made locally over the past year with the help of a dynamic mix of media personalities with The slatted pine decking is placed on edge and spaced to accommodate the walkway s curves.

Apr , Villa in Beskydy Mountains by Zdenek Trefil Architekti_dezeen__ A door leads from a flagstoned patio at the top of the hill into the wood lined interior Glazed living spaces face south across the forest, while a garage, staircase and utility areas are oriented towards the hillside The entrance goes

Jun , The decking is made from stained pine battens, with sustainably harvested Paduak wood from west Africa used for the curving handrails The Boomslang canopy walkway by Mark Thomas and Henry Fagan Holes have been cut in the decking at one point to accommodate existing trees that emerge through