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Sep , If you don t have friends or family you can stay with, you have one shelter available The Darwin Fuchs Sunshine Pavilion (Tamiami Park) at Coral Way Irma s gusts also ripped a wide one story high metal panel off one apartment building on Byron Avenue in North Beach Sunday afternoon.

May , A solar thermal panel on the roof will supply hot water for occupants Ultimately the team aims for the house to generate all of the power it uses HouseZero targets a long term goal of complete energy autonomy, the team said The design of the interior calls for open plans, glass partitions and exposed

Jul , The architects chose concrete because it will block out the sun and keep the building cooler, and because the thick walls will allow the building to support itself without steel columns This means cheaper construction costs, and more importantly, open floor plans The triangular peak of the building will also

Sep , The Barcelona Pavilion was intended to embody this moment Free of external ornament, the building was made of the most luxurious materials Walls were fashioned of thin plates of luminous semi precious stone, from green polished marble to golden onyx According to Philip Johnson s influential

Feb , Designed for acoustic performance, this space is equipped with adjustable sound absorptive panels that allow it to be acoustically tuned based on the A gypsum plaster finish was applied in the theater in lieu of the conventional drywall to increase the density of the walls, along with coffered ceilings in

Oct , This collection of angular volumes is actually a single house located within an Australian residential area Hunter Street Home, suburbs, Australia, angular roof, pavilion architecture, ODR Architects ODR Architects created forms with corrugated sheet profiles which reference the industrial quality of

Jun , Greenland Shanghai Hongqiao World Centre Gallery, namely HWC Gallery on the submission panel, Shanghai, China, by Aedas ? Soma City Malaysian Pavilion, World EXPO , Milan, Italy, by Hijjas Kasturi Associates ? Brazilian E Street Residential Tower, New York, USA, by Perkins Will

Jul , In line with the national government s own targets, Dubai has plans to green up , or retrofit, existing buildings and cut carbon emissions despite water per year, equivalent to about Olympic swimming pools, and solar panels are used to meet the bulk of residents water heating requirements. The Expo

Mar , Known today as the Place des Vosges, it heralded the idea of the uniform residential square dominated by house fronts all built to the same design They focused the decoration on light, frivolous, and colorful schemes, often allowing panels, doorframes, walls and the ceiling of a room to merge and

Jul , Chunky chipboard lines the interior walls and ceilings of both levels and the floor of the upper storey, while the lower storey features a polished concrete floor Planning is therefore very simple presenting controlled views out from each end of the tubes and then by raising three panels on the side of the

Feb , In the shadows of the most celebrated houses of the th century are a wealth of projects every bit as important as the known icons of residential design Frank Lloyd Wright s Fallingwater, Glass panes fill the slender gaps between panels adding a rhythm to the exterior massing walls The sturdy concrete

Sep , Growroom s spherical shape means it can also double as a covered outdoor public space.

Feb , The architect behind China s first vertical forest skyscraper has bigger plans for entire cities filled with vertical forests Each petal would be a mixed use environment with residential housing, offices, retail spaces, public spaces, and gardens The growth of Forest City Shijiazhuang would focus on the

The design team was able to learn from the incident and incorporate temporary expansion joints in the plans for the second phase of the project For smaller buildings, the recommended inch spacing of floor, wall or roof sheathing panels will usually allow panels to expand without affecting wall alignment, assuming no

Apr , Built just in time for the landmark s th anniversary, the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion is a prefabricated building designed by Jensen Architects and built by Project Frog The simple, one story building was built from a kit comprised of standardized structural elements, wall panels, and glazing units.

Apr , The project brief required the structure to have an opaque wall preserving the privacy of the classroom near the path leading to the light rail line an iconic footbridge connecting the adjacent Tangeman University Center (TUC) to the West Pavilion, an elevated pedestrian concourse cantilevered from the

Apr , His company, Kreysler Associates, is one of a small band of curtain wall designers, engineers, and fabricators that provides AEC clients the wherewithal World Trade Center transit hub, with its massive oculus pavilion and winged dove contour and the pyramid shaped Via West residential building,

Aug , The tower s design comes from the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture s (LAVA) winning competition entry for an energy park and storage tower.

Feb , However, God feared they had too much power and freedom, so put a stop to the plans by muddling up people s speech into different languages and American artist Phillip K Smith III similarly used mirrors to reflect a desert landscape, adding panels to the walls of a shack in California to create the illusion

Jul , Designed by architects office Matharoo Associates, the facade of this Indian house slides and spins to transform it into a glass pavilion At the touch of a button, the chunky marble walls that surround this house in India divide up into spinning and sliding panels, revealing a more lightweight glass facade

Oct , The winners were chosen by editors of the Wall Street Journal and a panel of experts and will be presented with the awards (designed by Laarman) at a ceremony at the Museum of Modern Art in New York on Thursday Here is some more information from WSJ Magazine, including the full line up of