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This upper grid like platform is interlocked at its bottom edges with the upper ends of the vertical wall panels and, in the case of a single story building, suitable roof The superstructure of the building shown Fig l comprises a plurality of vvertical wall panelunits, indicated generally at , which constitute the outside walls

In this regard, an embodiment of the system includes three hundred and sixty degree, grated, firm, persistent, non slip decking, walkway, or other surfacing (static handicapped individuals and no step access thereof into and out of an interior of a structure [including an exterior structure (e.g a gazebo, viewing platform,

Mar , The bridge deck panel includes an elongated metal deck plate stiffened longitudinally by longitudinal stiffening metal ribs of the transverse floor beams is structurally secured to the deck plate In use, the inverted Tee rib is laid on and secured to a pre existing bridge girder Images Patent D ing.

Jul , Reinforcing materials can include fibers, strands, cords, meshes or rods comprising metals, polymer composites and carbon, polymer or glass fibers Such boxes used for assembling floating platforms and or vessels preferably have a completely open and unobstructed cross section to facilitate their

Recently, I have received a couple of emails asking about mobile home steps and smaller porches or platforms While we do There are three basic types of decking lumber treated, cedar, and composite wood The Family Below is the material list from on their article titled How to Build Outdoor Stairs .

Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims available in Description (OCR text may contain errors) Jan , A ELMENDORF , the acute angle between crossing strands is within the claimed limits, as well as cement boards in which the angle of strand orientation is outside of the claimed limits.

Apr , Default profile photo Can you tell me where I can purchase these Handi block here in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL, I am building a decking. I ve already dug a foot down into the soil, and I ll be laying black garden fabric over the soil then lay some down and pack it level before I start on the deck.

Sep , The method of designing achieves constant ride height and low vibration operation by configuring the rollers with an exterior profile, thickness, material properties and surface grooving to achieve constant deflection of the roller contact surface at all wheel rotation angles Images() Patent D ing.

Feb , at least one composite deck comprising a moveable platform and providing a walkway assist grate and a foldable deck, said deck being collapsible to a Desirably, the thermally insulating containerized field kitchen unit can effectively operate at ambient outside temperatures ranging from about

Pipelines may be made from metal, steel, plastics, ceramics, composite materials, or other materials and compositions know to the pipeline arts and may have external and In the case of a fixed platform, the conductor extends from below the seafloor to above the surface of the water, and generally to the platform decking.

Feb , A binding mechanism is used to securely couple board sections of a touring snowboard together The binding mechanism includes a first interface mounted to at least one of first and second board sections and a second interface mounted to the base A clamp is mounted to the first or second interface and

May , white second story deck with underneath family area and back staircase The deck platform also needs consideration It can be round, square, straight, etc This picture below that, by the way I couldn t find its source (let me know if you find out), has a pergola right in the middle, I think is kind of neat.

Sep , A few standard modules are produced and may be arranged in various configurations to produce a variety of floor plans Images Patent D ing The method of claim , wherein said interior and exterior walls comprise studs made of light gauge steel, fiberglass, a composite or an extruded material.

Sep , The interior and exterior surfaces of the inflated membrane are coated with a rigidifying material such as shotcrete which hardens to form a structural composite layer with the membrane and radial wires embedded in the rigid composite layer Circumferential high tensile tensioning elements may be applied

Versa Lift Model Can lift up to pounds with a ? by platform which holds cubic feet Versa Lift Model Can lift up to pounds with a ? by platform which holds cubic feet To make climbing Danny Lipford Well, Paul, like you saw from the pictures, it s all completely decked right in here, so

Jan , These hydrokinetic turbines can be supported by floating platforms anchored to the river bottom sides or structures supported on the river bottom be solid and or comprise any other suitable material such as, for example, carbon fiber composite, but it may result in a heavier and or costlier structure .

Aug , Rolls Royce has presented a series of bespoke features developed in house to allow customers to personalize their cars with exclusive accessories The programme includes a four person picnic set inspired by the s golden era.

Jan , The corrugated metal plate is provided with a plurality of devices adapted to engage the concrete or like material so as to provide a composite corrugated metal plate concrete structure capable of supporting light to medium duty loads Images Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims.

Jun , The support of the joist in the jig may be at the centre point, but more usually is at the outside quarter points (i.e one quarter of the length of the joist in a manner that steel erectors must rely on the joist placement for connecting or placing yet other members, particularly such as galvanized steel decking,

USA Marriott Cameron Frank Plastic tile and trough assembly for use on wooden decks USB Pmf Lavorazioni Metalliche S.R.L Tile flooring USB Bradley Corporation Composite structural components for outdoor