composite decorative wood beams wall panel

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Sep , Metal studs, wooden studs, polystyrene studs of claim should have openings for poured concrete to be able to travel within permanent form assembly Another words instead of raising concrete foundation, walls, beams, pillars, etc using removable forms and then cover with decorative material (drywall,

Jan , For absorbing blast energy in a composite block and reinforced concrete wall construction, a hollow block formed of a mixture of mineralized wood shaving wherein the construction of energy absorbing blocks and the web of reinforced concrete beams cooperate so as to resist forces resulting from a blast.

,,, describes a method of forming decorative panels in which a plurality of edge glued thin wood strips are laid in side by side relationship and glued together to form a single composite sheet which is then cut into pieces and glued onto a wooden backing sheet to form a decorative panel The patent to Fields, U.S

Electrical boxes, plumbing conduits, electrical conduits, doors, windows, and floor joist pockets are made by including a wood mold inside the wall mold, forming the desired hollow structure , , describes a method of adjustably anchoring traffic barriers and wall facing panels to the soldier beams of a retaining wall.

Jun , A pre insulated prefab wall panel comprising of a rectangular wall frame having top and bottom rail members and a plurality of spaced apart stud A pre insulated prefab wall panel as claimed in claim wherein each of said wood straps has pre drilled holes for receiving said nails, and each of said holes

In another embodiment of the modular concrete beam, the beam is formed of a composite structure comprising an internal hollow mold of frangible material such of I beams, followed by the placing of large slabs of concrete panels (which are pre cast at a factory) between the beams, The concrete panels are usually very

Nov , However, the boards made of, e.g wood chip, wood fiber, plywood or gypsum plaster board, are usually mounted on a subconstruction of wooden strip beams, which naturally always work a bit For this reason, such paneling can be painted but not wallpapered to last The prevailing opinion (cf p.

Jun , The roof assembly for a structure including a number of support elements including walls, columns and beams includes a plurality of complementary shaped roof panels which are selectively Refinforcement strip typically comprises a × plank of wood or wood composite material such as OSB.

Nov , , the wall panel may also include a connection plate extending along the top beam The connection plate is preferably a wood stud with a plurality of lag bolts extending therefrom The connection plate is positioned in the frame prior to pouring and then the poured concrete cures

Dec , A lightweight structural concrete wall panel for house construction, includes a sandwich construction of two thin fiber reinforced concrete faces part of the external face of this wall containing a horizontal siding pattern () and additional architectural feature of a decorative horizontal wood grained beam ().

The floor, or the platform of the name, is made up of joists (usually x, ×, × or ×, depending on the span) that sit on supporting walls, beams or girders The floor joists are Interior wall coverings in light frame construction typically include wallboard, lath and plaster or decorative wood paneling Exterior finishes

This system reduced the need for a lateral steel beam in the wall structure, but did require a force distribution plate to be positioned under the channel over the upper portion of the wall structure to distribute load along the upper portion of the wall structure Also, powder driven fasteners, Spike Powers fasteners or masonry

May , The wall panels allow concrete columns and beams to be formed in any size and shape The structural When a wall is required to be taller than what is required by building codes, the wall width or the wood studs or metal channels are required to be wider to accommodate the increase wall height.

The supporting frame is preferably a metal network comprising a plurality of more than two load carrying beams extending in one direction, and a plurality of more than two beam cross supports Facing panels made or surfaced with cloth or tapestry or with decorative woods, wood strips, or wall paper can also be used.

Apr , The vertical side flanges of the one piece foundation and side wall panels form reinforced colums and the space therebetween may be used as air ducts, conventional buildings with concrete wall panels of uniform cross section supported by vertical steel I beams both supported on a conventional above

Oct , A composite load bearing building block adapted be joined in edge to edge relation with a corresponding block to form a wall, roof or floor, said block The bond beam is formed by means of a wood or metal reinforcing bar placed in a continuous groove in the top of the wall and secured therein by the

Jan , is typical of a connection between adjacent corner wall panels Adjacent ends of the first and second panels , are hollowed out, or are provided with a channel, to respectively receive wood splines and The first wood spline is attached to the outer facings of the first panel by means of