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Dec , Luxury river view suites have huge living areas with dining table, well equipped kitchen and an airy open plan living area with floor to ceiling sliding glass Dining options include View ° Restaurant and Bar, with sweeping views of the harbour and a decent buffet spread, the Fish Café on the Wharf, for

May , My office building here in the Financial District (California) has reinforced windows They should have a secured door on each floor (similar to exit door on a plane) that remains locked until a catastrophic event (fire)requires immediate exit w your parachute However, the likelihood of a fire is low on account

Aug , State of the art plastic bottle recycling facility, , tonnes of waste plastic bottles are recycled per year into food grade plastic used to manufacture in Oxford stone with just four rooms on the principal floor surrounding a central elliptical staircase in a top lit well with eight Ionic columns below a dome.

Apr , The Arts Coalition has gone through some recent leadership changes and is still raising the money it needs to open the entire , foot subterranean plaza, which still features mid century signage above the exits and streetcar tracks ringing the floor A few spots on the walls are marked with graffiti, most

Jul , Fosters Partners Canary Wharf Crossrail station A metre long latticed spruce timber roof wraps around the building above the ground Spaces in the lattice are either filled with transparent cushions of air made using ETFE plastic, or edged with aluminium panels Fosters Partners Canary Wharf

Oct , And of course I d seen photos of those colorful wooden buildings lining Bergen s wharf, known as the Bryggen But I didn t know how much I was about to In fact, many are chock full of the plastic trolls and viking tat you ll find at any tourist geared souvenir shop But if you keep exploring those back alleys,

Nov , As geeks, we often fill our bedroom floors with all manner of power cables and other pronged nasty things these can be particularly nasty to step on at nomenclature is somewhat inaccurate you may find your geek wearing these all the time, accompanied by bouts of screaming Make it so, Mr Wharf!.

My Dad s first commercial fishing boat was a Monterey which he berthed at Fisherman s Wharf in San Francisco He had been They had concrete floors with drains that opened right into the bay water below Everything We fished bait (herring), brass and painted spoons, plugs and hootchies (plastic squid) Leaders

Feb , So there she sat, on the Lunenburg wharf, beneath a grey Nova Scotia sky The current edition causing all the legal kerfuffle is made of laminated angelique and teak, instead of oak, while the engine bed, stern frame, floors and fasteners holding her together are steel, where before they were wood.

Jan , We are here for the weekend of the Argentinian National day so the wharf is lined with stalls selling traditional items like alfajores (biscuits For example, there is a piece with cut toenails, bread plastic ties, corners snipped off milk bags (milk comes in bags here as cartons are too expensive) and dog poo.

Nov , The roof garden will have about two thirds of the triangular spaces filled in with a translucent plastic pillow as used down at the Eden Centre, and the rest open to the air to let trees start to poke out through the gaps The roof garden and three of the four floors of shopping are due to open around March

Our cleaning service covers everything you would expect and more, including upholstery and professional carpet cleaning, leather furniture cleaning, curtain cleaning and oven cleaning Look no further than our growing list of repeat customers for an illustration of just how good our service is Move out cleaning is a very

Oct , Boxes of metals, concrete or plastic can be coated with various suitable materials to make them resistant to weathering, liquids and corrosion comprising watertight outer sidewalls and floors substantially corresponding to the outer walls of the house or other structure and fastened securely thereto to

May , The desperation shows itself when, in work, I take newspapers, cans or plastic bottles out of the general waste bins to put them in the recycling bins But on wharf rat May , India Launches Massive Push for Clean Power, Lighting, and Cars While President Trump wants to revive America s coal

The preferred construction set forth in said patent comprises a pool having sidewalls preferably formed from plywood and covered by a lining preferably formed from synthetic resin such as a suitable vinyl composition which not only covers the inner surfaces of the sidewalls but also covers the bottom or floor of the pool.

Apr , Foster s Canary Wharf Crossrail station nears completion The roof garden, landscaped by London based studio Gillespies, is located directly beneath a metre long transparent hood Triangular air filled cushions made from ETFE a type of plastic used for its resistance to corrosion are set into the

Aug , The structure joins a collection of other pavilions commissioned by Shiva in recent years for the roof of its Columbia Wharf studios Molloy discovered the laminated paper, metal and plastic material could be used as a rainscreen while leading a student building project at a Latvian brewery Pieces of the

Apr , Forget bags of chips or bars of chocolate all that is on offer here is fresh fruit, available loose or pre peeled and sliced and packed up into plastic bags Ciku madu or sapodilla fruit Mid Valley Megamall is a gargantuan shopping centre with shops littered across five floors After a brief zip around, we

Aug , CLR is a state of the art plastic bottle recycling facility, , tonnes of waste plastic bottles are recycled per year into food grade plastic used to manufacture In the last stage of refurbishment, the lower and ground floors have been opened up with a new restaurant, artist studios, training facilities and

Feb , To offer a solution for temporary housing, DUS Architects used bio plastic to D print this eight square metre cabin When it is no longer needed, the The wharf is medieval and assembled with wood, said the architects, explaining their material choice of recycle wood Its identity is kept long beyond the

Feb , Sometimes you can take one look at a designer s body of work and immediately deduce that they have a background in architecture Amsterdam based Michael Schoner who worked his way through multiple architecture firms across Europe before settling in Amsterdam and founding his own design

Dec , The restaurant is a super colorful spot set over three wildly different floors, and the menu includes things like king crab ramen, wagyu beef sushi, and a panko crusted burger, all quite enjoyable Their drinks are sealed in plastic sippy cups and their smoking negroni looks like a genuine fire hazard thanks to

Apr , The perpetrators of the Canary Wharf bomb (who killed three people) were originally jailed but then released as part of the NI deal in Remember when we banned all Irish people from entering the country and deported all Irish people already living here, and went and carpet bombed Ireland

It is preferred that a traditional staircase be located adjacent to the escalator if the escalator is the primary means of transport between floors It may also be Rubber mats may be affixed to their surface to reduce slippage, and yellow demarcation lines may be added to clearly indicate their edges The leading and trailing

Jan , The dock is comprised of uniform floating docking sections coupled together with rubber male type anchors which fit into female type receiving sockets on the docking sections The two anchors of the couplers are secured together by a tie rod The docking sections eliminate the need for boat bumpers,

May , This ungainly leviathan entirely deletes the sky, save for the jenga like cavities in the upper floors The hoggish office Heritage Site Even the entrance is nauseating, unless you have a fetish for faecal brown plastic The plastic overcoat was added in the late s, to no fanfare whatsoever You can t