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Sep , Efficient and robust electrocatalysts for both the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) play key roles in energy conversion and storage devices In this work, we construct a bifunctional catalyst by homogeneously dispersing CoS nanoparticles on a nitrogen (N), sulfur (S),

May , Basic laser induced heating functionality has been demonstrated by in vitro TNF mediated thermal ablation of human neuroblastoma cancer cells, evidenced by irreversible damage to cell Surface modification with zwitterionic cysteine betaine for nanoshell assisted near infrared plasmonic hyperthermia.

Apr , As chitosan has low uptake for Pb(II) and high solubility in monoprotic acids, a simple procedure using nontoxic chitosan as a precursor at room temperature was developed to prepare a xanthate modified thiourea chitosan sponge (XTCS) by lyophilization for enhancing Pb(II) removal in water The sponge

Apr , The amount of free glycerol in the final product of biodiesel is limited by international standards In the current study, optimized solvent resistant nanocomposite membranes were prepared using the phase inversion method based on a poly(ether sulfone) (PES) membrane modified by adding different

Feb , The goal of this study was to see the impact on the retention and isomerization of encapsulated carotene (BC) in nanoemulsions fortified with natural antioxidants ( tocopherol (AT) and l ascorbic acid (AA)) The physical stability of nanoemulsion, oxidative stability, and isomerization of

May , Covalent Modification of Graphene and Graphite Using Diazonium Chemistry Tunable Grafting and Nanomanipulation ACS Nano Greenwood, Phan, Fujita, Li, Ivasenko, Vanderlinden, Van Gorp, Frederickx, Lu, Tahara, Tobe, Uji i, Mertens, and De Feyter (), pp Abstract We shine

Jul , The isolation, structure determination, and biological activities of a new linear pentapeptide, caldoramide (), from the marine cyanobacterium Caldora penicillata from Florida are described Caldoramide () has structural similarities to belamide A (), dolastatin (), and dolastatin () We profiled

Jul , Wood from trees gives us paper, cardboard, and medical supplies, thus impacting our homes, school, work, and play Wood is sustainable, earth abundant, strong, biodegradable, biocompatible, and chemically accessible for modification more importantly, multiscale natural fibers from wood have unique

Dec , Transparent carbon ultramicroelectrode arrays (T CUAs) were made using a previously reported facile fabrication method (Duay et al Anal Chem , , ) Two modifications introduced to the T CUAs were examined for their analytical response to nitric oxide (NO) The first modification was the

Aug , The home has ventilated facades made of ThermoWood, which is a very durable thermally modified wood These offer privacy, and cozy indoor outdoor areas For the walls they used Kerto micro laminated veneer lumber, which makes a strong and stable structure All the wood used has a PEFC (chain of

Apr , Aiming at the influence of temperature on foaming ability and blocking characteristics during steam injection, a study is carried out to establish a new evaluation method of foaming agents at variable temperatures in a heavy oil reservoir The method synthetically considers the influence of temperature

Mar , Thermal response measurements based on optical adsorption calorimetry are presented as a versatile tool for the time saving and profound characterization of the pore structure of porous carbon based materials This technique measures the time resolved temperature change of an adsorbent during

Aug , The self described Home of Figured Big Leaf Maple, J amp L Tonewoods states on their website that they have been involved in the tone wood business for years and that they supply some of the larger guitar manufacturers, specifically the electric guitar industry, with figured big leaf maple from the Pacific

Sep , A novel magnetic intercalation FeO QDs@g CN ATP photocatalyst was first prepared by a combined eutectic method with deposition technology it shows superior degradation efficiency for removing mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) under visible light The improved photocatalytic performance is

Aug , The Impact of Commonly Used Alkylating Agents on Artifactual Peptide Modification Peter G Hains and Phillip J Robinson ProCan and the Cell The deleterious effects were observed for chloroacetamide from three separate suppliers The adverse impact of chloroacetamide on methionine oxidation

Jul , Chemical cross linking is well established for investigating protein protein interactions Traditionally, photo cross linking is used but is associated with problems of selectivity and UV toxicity in a biological context We here describe, with live cells and under normal growth conditions, selective cross linking

Sep , There have been considerable advancements in the incorporation of noncanonical amino acids (ncAA) into proteins over the last two decades The most widely used method for site specific incorporation of noncanonical amino acids, amber stop codon suppression, typically employs an orthogonal

Jul , Here, we subject As(V) coprecipitated schwertmannite to thermal transformation (, , and °C) followed by biotic reductive incubation ( d) and examine aqueous and Iron oxide and its modified forms as an adsorbent for arsenic removal A comprehensive recent advancement Sharf Ilahi

Jun , The realization of a practical lithium sulfur battery system, despite its high theoretical specific capacity, is severely limited by fast capacity decay, which is mainly attributed to polysulfide dissolution and shuttle effect To address this issue, we designed a thin cathode inactive material interlayer modified

Jan , This paper is concerned with an investigation of the formation of soot from the combustion of some of the primary pyrolysis products formed during pine wood combustion Comparisons are made between the combustion products of model compounds, furfural for cellulose and eugenol and anisole to

Nov , For the first time, a theoretical analysis of gas sorption, based on the nonequilibrium lattice fluid (NELF) model, in chemically imidized HAB FDA polyimide and its thermally rearranged analogues is presented Because of the inaccessibility of pVT data in the rubbery region, the characteristic lattice fluid

Thermal Modification Technology that produces Thermowood products JK Innovation Wood is a well established manufacturer and exporter of Thermo Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis) supported by the BOI (Board of Investment) Thailand The total rubber planting area is more than ,, ha in the world, and more

Sep , The Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (TIMSA) states that, of the various insulation materials, polyurethane foams have the highest and cellulose insulation materials the lowest environmental impact From the environmental and sustainability point of view, the use of wood

Oct , Colorado based Ec Manufacturing started making structural insulated panels (SIPs) about a year and a half ago The company was studying building code and thinking about how to innovate their products, when someone decided the building industry could use a thermally broken lumber material.