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Feb , I was visiting during New Zealand s wintertime, so I can only imagine how nice this room would be during the sunnier summer months dsc Across from the couch was a TV, which was mounted to the wall to conserve space, as well as a chest that contained the room s mini bar and snacks The set up

Jul , The workplace health and safety regulator, WorkSafe NZ, has been investigating the testing and management of asbestos during repair work carried out in risk of exposure to asbestos fibres in a home where there are damaged or deteriorating asbestos containing insulation, walls, ceiling or floor tiles.

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Jul , In this way you can create a focal point, celebrate a favorite motif, frame a permanent painting, or define a space (as by using tiles to suggest a rug in a seating area or niche) Tile pictures are used in kitchen backsplashes, in bathroom shower stalls, on exterior walls, even on floors Tile panels, patterns

Dec , Really, only one thing can add to that new bed sheet feeling and that s when it s your first seasonal sleep in thin, cotton summer sheets or thick, linen winter sheets As you close your eyes softly, crickets chirping outside your window, moonlight and tree branches shadow dancing on the walls, you know right

Jun , Recently spotted from New Zealand makers George Willy a hanging drying rack that raises and lowers on a pulley system, creating an instant laundry room in the smallest of spaces I m adding it to my wish list for my compact New York apartment (so I can break my bad habit of draping wet laundry over

The latest national and local New Zealand News from Newshub your home for NZ news The family of a New Zealand woman who died on holiday in Thailand say their world was shattered by her sudden death The JOIDES Resolution will investigate how ice sheets and sea levels will react to climate change.

Today we have a guest post from Gennifer, an educator and anthroposophy student living in New Zealand (And yes I wanted to develop a cheap, viable way to turn unwanted materials like cardboard and newspaper into art You can use polyurethane or purchase a bottle of matte or gloss finish from an art supply shop.

Mar , About the amount it takes to drive your Tesla Model S from Los Angeles to New York and back, or dry loads of laundry in an electric clothes dryer, If you do buy something from GP conservation, try the coupon code MMM for a discount Yup, always unrefrigerated in the aisles in New Zealand.

Feb , Apocalypse island Tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand because they now fear social collapse or nuclear war So what do More than , Americans registered to buy a home in New Zealand times the usual rate in the week after he was elected president There are TV

We aim to launch and maintain a fleet of balloons to provide Internet coverage to users on the ground, with our Autolaunchers capable of safely and consistently launching a new balloon every minutes We have flown over million km of test flights to date since the project began with one of our record breaking

Sep , Debates on the nature of the New Zealand identity are raging, and what s become clear is that the rugby mad sheep farmer is no longer in vogue, except in one of the panels,) and a koru that, instead of looking like the Maori symbol of new life that it s supposed to be, resembles a sinister, hypnotic spiral.

Jul , Kitchen of the Week A New Zealand Blogger s DIY Remodel The sink came from the local wrecker s yard, and she bought the faucet from New Zealand website Trade Me As for They created the backsplash themselves using cheap white subway tiles and white grout in an offset brick pattern.

Jun , White stucco encased the stone fa?ade inside, the house s simple colonial era features had been covered with cheap paneling, drywall, and carpet The house While the addition features new flooring and drywall, the original stone exterior wall remains exposed to connect it to the rest of the building.

As the need for building product accelerates in New Zealand, Whangarei based Barfoote Construction has been in demand supplying precast concrete panels to markets such as Auckland, Palmerston, Anyone who would like to buy some of the bricks should contact Mr Manning at Idea Services in Cooke St, Whangarei.

Jul , Check out these great Work Exchange Benefits I enjoyed while joining HelpX assignments around New Zealand in early gourmet food, road A few hosts even asked me what I preferred to eat then took me grocery shopping to buy the stuff I wanted if it was different from what they normally ate

Feb , Apiarists tend to be very serious about their beehives, but one New Zealand beekeeper took his passion one step further Roy Brewster ( ) Even a picture frame holding a reproduction of the Mona Lisa was hexagonal and nailed to the hexagonal wall panels Roy Brewster, beekeepers home,

Dec , Filmmakers Gary Breece and Russell Hawkins reveal a new kind of grocery shopping at Ben Greene s market, the Farmery Greene s crop cultivation method allows customers to harvest and buy produce on site from living wall panels Greene hopes this will change people s relationship with what they eat,