how to replace a rotten deck stringer

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Sep , Now that people are installing beautiful tile floors and granite counter tops the floors need to deflect less The stiffness of a × regular floor joist can be less than half the stiffness of a . deep TJI The fire issue is certainly a problem but we find that most people are finishing basements today so a

Repairing the transom on an I O powered runabout Captains chairs, speaker stereo, swim deck and tanning pad (or whatever it s called) above the engine It had nearly perfect interior and it Unfortunately I found a rotten transom, and created this site to chronicle my adventures fixing my broken boat There just isn t

Jan , (At one point, lightning actually struck and destroyed a foot maple tree, and we were able to easily get the equipment back there to remove what was left of the tree before it fell on my house!) But recently, while in the midst of a huge backyard renovation project, this access wasn t even enough and

While removing the decking I decided it was proper to remove the skirt board under the door to evaluate and possibly update the ledger flashing It was the right Rot Repair We then carefully cut back the plywood and rotted joists We discovered that the plywood rot extended a few inches into an adjacent laundry room.

Jun , Repeat the same steps to build your second stair Once we measured how large we wanted our second stair, we created another box and assembled to the legs See below, we also added cleats on the inside to fasted the box to the first stair You can see, we made our second box smaller in order to create

Jun , We liked our old deck, but being that it was almost years old, even though it doesn t look like it in the above photo, it was in need of some major repair Many of the boards needed to be replaced and while we contemplated just building a new deck, we thought we d probably use this space a whole lot

Jul , The next step was taking down the staircase and repairing or replacing the current vinyl siding, and while that sentence is so easy to type, it did take a lot of For a moment, we considered salvaging the original clapboard, but upon further investigation, it was missing in large parts and rotted in others.

Sometimes on a remodel you can t install a full length floor joist because of plumbing, existing walls or finished floors or ceilings In these situations it Scabbing is also used alot with rotted rafters and wall studs Recently we used a scabbing technique successfully on this roof deck project Framing Floor Openings How to

Jul , Todd from Home Construction Improvement has a handy stair stringer calculator to help calculate stair measurements Pro Talk Stair risers are sometimes Pro Tip Rubbing motor oil (or even cooking spray) over the forms helps prevent the concrete from sticking when it comes time to remove them Save

Jan , In all there were damaged window sills, gnawed off stair corners, one gnawed plinth block, damaged mud bench trim and a shredded dresser corner, all done in the space of about hours! My first inclination was to blame Kirby, but then I remembered that Kirby is named Kirby for a reason when he

Jun , Among other observations, City inspectors noted that the deck joist ends protruding from the exterior wall appeared to be severely dry rotted, the city said in a prepared statement City staff said that, As Berkeley orders removal of second balcony, questions over quality of construction (..) Berkeley

Apr , In this video you ll see my process for cutting out and bedding new stringers in the Glastron v your vids and others like yours as I am currently pulling a s glastron hpv which cosmetically looked perfect when I purchased it but later on finding out that the stringers and transom were rotten.

Jul , The center beam rail road car of claim , wherein a portion of said deck structure has a longitudinal stringer running thereunder battens may also be prone to rotting if subject to excessive exposure to moisture, or may be consumable wear items that may require relatively frequent periodic replacement.

Nov , Check out these ideas for matching your staircase floor treatment to upstairs and downstairs flooring This is the most common stair treatment when the upstairs floor is carpeted the cushy carpeted stairway is a visual link to the next floor and gives a hint that Solution Make a change at the landing.

Apr , Replacing Bad Stair Boards A Front Porch Makeover Yep, that s rotted wood (and what appears to be lots of dried Christmas tree needles) Once I began pulling up the rotted boards, we realized the damage was actually much worse than we thought they basically just crumbled up and apart in my

Jun , Deck or Balcony Split or rotting wood Deteriorated fasteners, screws, nails, bolts, etc Poor end support of the balcony deck, joist or girders Excessive The Ocean City building department encourages citizens who believe their deck is unsafe or in need of repair, to please contact the Office of Building