ways to cover up a cinder block wall

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Sep , (I know nothing about this type of work, but did notice the fabric) I am not a professional, but wondered about applying rubber to brick I thought brick needed to breathe or it will deteriorate I thought if the brick couldn t let out the moisture then it falls apart Sorry, I m watching videos on how to patch up my

Dec , Stay tuned for the full reveal coming up after the holidays ) UPDATE Come on over and see the finished wall and bedroom reveal! If you re looking for even more plank wall tutorial goodness, my friends have got you covered There are different techniques that everyone brings to the table, so it s fun to see

Sep , I ended up buying way too much and could have bought or gallons and been fine I may go back and do another coat later, since I do have plenty of paint and another coat won t hurt concrete wall painting_ My friend, Beth, was still in town and we all worked on the project She wanted

Aug , Curious on the benefits of Basement Waterproofing Paint Learn all about why you should use it as well as tips and tricks for applying it!

Stack cast concrete blocks in a tiered pattern to give your curb appeal a hefty boost Read on to see how senior technical editor Mark Powers put together this yard monument, which is sure to force passers byfriends and strangers aliketo sit up and take notice Step One Sunday Build the walls and fill the planters.

Jun , Kirk someone mentioned to me that I needed to use a metal lathe over cement block wall or the stucco would come off in a few years how true is that. an easier way to apply the product would be to trowel from right to left and always lay it on troweling up and lay it in troweling across i hope that helps! .

Oct , The last big project in that room was putting up a wall to create a storage room for me to store my Christmas bins and other things I needed a place to hide things away so that they could be accessible, but not in plain sight And this large, bowling alley sized room was perfect for splitting up and using part of

How to Fasten Furring Strips to Concrete, Brick or Block I Attachment to Masonry There are many situations where one would want to cover over a brick, concrete, or block walls This article will discuss how to I typically make my furring strips out of plywood because it holds up better to the concrete fasteners Thin solid

Feb , But, for those of you that L.O.V.E our DIY concrete fireplace as much as I do, please read on to learn about how we did it! a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission which helps keep my blog up and running but it won t cost you a penny more)! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Jan , Hide replies oreokookie year ago hey kirk great video .was wondering how you might handle an old, inside basement cinder block wall I tried to mortar it, but the mortar dried soft you can scape it off with a chisel .I m assuming the old block sucked up the water from the mix I wetted the old blocks