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Jan , Completed in in Aarhus, Denmark Images by Kirstine Mengel The Green Embassy is intended as an architectural framework and venue in urban space, to increase the visibility and accessibility of the project

May , Our message through Vietnam Pavilion for the Milano Expo with the motto Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life is to bring back the power of living for Vietnamese cities, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City lose green areas which are decreasing to less than one square meter per citizen beside the

Sep , Completed in in Johor Bahru, Malaysia Images by Virginia Cucchi The project develops on about , acres and is located in the North East of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, inside a high end gated area, just next to a

Jan , Design students MinChieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, have sent us some images of a pavilion made of cardboard The students used computer technology to implement the manufacture of the components of the pavilion and also its packing and shipping.

Jun , The Silk Pavilion was designed and constructed at the MIT Media Lab as part of a research project to explore ways of overcoming the existing limitations of additive manufacturing at architectural scales Mediated Matter group director Neri Oxman believes that by studying natural processes such as the way

Oct , In summer the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE), together with students at the University of Stuttgart have realized a temporary, bionic research pavilion made of wood at the intersection of teaching and research The project

Feb , The place is presented with an outstanding geographical support, which contains and frames a privileged green environment, typical of the As ceiling cladding, x wood board pine is used, of Arauco treated with white varnish Wetproff, nailed on rafters which are anchored to the main steel beams

Mar , Rintala Eggertsson Architects designed MILU, a site specific habitable sculpture from layered wood for Venice s International Biennale.

Aug , In addition to the solar passive strategies, the building makes use of radiant floor heating and cooling along with a concrete floor slab to act as thermal mass and natural ventilation when the weather is conducive The Weihai Pavilion is Make Architect s first project to be completed in China and the firm has

Sep , The particularly beautiful zen garden surrounding it is one of the greatest assets of the house green turf, mature trees, pebbles, stones, different layers The timber screens add a touch of natural warmth while the glass encompassing the suspended curvilinear pavilion makes it look modern and luminous.

Jan , Cisco offices by Studio O A features wooden meeting pavilions The mix of flooring types includes carpet, wood and astroturf, and a varied palette of colours is used for walls and furniture Cisco offices by Studio O A features wooden meeting pavilions Green electricity cables run up the white corridor walls

Mar , As for the walking tour course, the Jeju Olle gil course and the Jeoji Mureung Olle approach the site from the green tea field on the other side of the road Wooden rafters sit in a single direction within the structure of the concrete roof support, and makes up a saw tooth type ceiling on the entire roof.

Apr , The parenthesis form of the pavilions exterior refers to an open arm, as saying that the Brazil is like it, welcoming all different types of people and cultures A green skin, in parenthesis form, covers the exterior of the pavilion This skin will be made by the reuse of wasted wood attached to a steel grid that

Dec , Its hunter green steel and sunny ash wood handle evoke the pastoral fantasias of an aspiring gentleman farmer a dwarf maple in your yard, perhaps, In September , he got a call from the Sussex s manufacturer, the Spanish company Punt Mobles, which had just received a letter from DWR

Sep , The kitchen, done in mint green, black, and white, creates a cool atmosphere in contrast to the beautiful wooden floor that has been installed And it is this combination of styles that makes this project so interesting House Poolside Pavilion Designed by Murray Legge Architecture in Austin, Texas, USA

Oct , green design, eco design, sustainable design, Sean Godsell, convertible pavilion, Queen Inspired by the A glazed glass roof lined with a perforated steel skin enables the interior to be well lit naturally, and reclaimed wood clads the entire interior flooring, giving it a rustic look At night, the lowered walls

Dec , This deck projects out over the sports field and becomes a viewing platform of the surrounding trees Two wooden climbing ladders take the children down to the granite stone paved ground floor Materialisation The lightweight structure of the pavilion consisting of dark green painted steel columns and a

Osulloc Tea House Pavilions Mass Studies Architecture A narrow stair case leads up into a triangular space, the Chusa Exhibition Gallery, on the first floor The Chusa Wooden rafters sit in a single direction within the structure of the concrete roof support, and makes up a saw tooth type ceiling on the entire roof.

Dec , Hilltop Residence, New Zealand, Herbst Architectsv, green architecture, timber building, stone Related Wooden Shoal Bay Bach is a Sweet Minimalist Retreat in New Zealand Two walkways are daylit connections between the garage pavilion and the house, framing and pixelating the views with timber

Mar , Images by Paul Dyer, JD Peterson, Kodiak Greenwood, Claudio Santini, Roland Bishop Located in a nature preserve in the Santa Lucia Mountains, the site ground and overhanging roofs are planted with tall native grasses The house is also divided up into a series of pavilions to lessen its overall mass.

Blouin Tardif Architecture have designed La Source Massage Therapy Pavilion in the town of don in Quebec, Canada La Source The building s cladding is made of torrefacted poplar torrefaction is a procedure that makes the material (a local wood species) very strong and durable This type of cladding was used

Dec , The wooden pillars are sandwiched with steel plates on both sides so that the space can be equally gentle and transparent The porches provided between the pavilions uni ed under the roof are connected one to the main street coming from the West side where main public parking areas are located,

Dec , Designed by Simmetrico Network in Baranzate,Italy Azerbaijan has recently unveiled the design of Treasure of Biodiversity, its dedicated pavilion for Expo On the large wall that welcomes visitors on the ground floor is depicted an interactive musical staff made out of wood, recalling the importance of

Mar , After the Expo just as dandelion seeds are blown away and disperse on the breeze, the Seed Cathedral s , optic hairs, each one containing the huge potential of life, will be distributed across China and the UK to hundreds of schools as a special legacy of the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo.

Mar , The design for the Pavilion is a contrast of lightweight materials and dramatic metal cantilevered structures The entire design is rendered in a vivid red that, in a play of opposites, contrasts with the green of its park setting In London the colour reflects the iconic British images of traditional telephone

Apr , Completed in in New York, United States Images by Iwan Baan Rather than an addition, our concept was for a thin, linear framed garden pavilion set in contrast to the heavy masonry brownstone The th century

Jun , But Reeves smartly extended the form with overhangs and a large pavilion style cedar roof that extends for shade and also makes the structure feel bigger Triangular windows help emphasize the idea of a floating roof and let light into the second floor bedrooms Contemporary Landscape by A.GRUPPO