under deck lattice alternatives

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The preferred deck for use with the truss assembly hereof is a concrete structure having a lowermost, spanning metallic plate substrate composited (by means of Further, the relatively deep trussing required in connection with underslung truss bridges creates problems when maximum clearance under the bridge is

Jan , An expanded metal sheet is formed by slitting a sheet of metal and then stretching the sheet into a lattice The term expanded plastic is Structural sandwich laminates can be created by bonding thin facings or skins to balsa wood panels which function as a core Thus the Kohn et al U.S Pat No.

Oct , A wind driven vertical axis power generating system is disclosed An air scoop directs air from the prevailing wind into an air turbine An exit drag curtain provides for an efficient re entrainment of the power generating air back into the prevailing wind The design provides for an efficient method of utilizing

Dec , We lived in the bottom condo and the master bedroom was under the deck of the person above us Per a neighbor Speaking of solar panels, those would be a great investment option to use a home equity loan for Save money and add value to your home with solar panels or other energy savings.

Oct , An article support apparatus for use with a raised floor system including a plurality of support pedestals, stringer elements and floor panels, the support apparatus includes an article support member An alternative solution to supporting cable runs below a raised floor assembly is proposed in U.S Pat No.

Mar , the backyard was all dirt and pavers and lattice, everywhere eveeeerywhere we took out lattice in front of the concrete fence, around the raised beds, to pour additional concrete to extend the teeny deck (we re hoping this is a cheaper alternative to building an actual deck with decking) we then want to

Jan , In this garden in Seattle, a glazed ceramic container set against a lattice screen creates a place for the eye to rest as one walks down the pathway from one garden area to the next Here, a trio of metal panels calls attention to the interesting semitransparent design, rather than the neighbor s deck Panels

Sep , A solar power system is mounted to a solar power componentry support structure suspended above a pre existing surface by a collective of solar collector suspension base supports Suspended solar power system row support structure members and suspended solar power system

Jun , The Space Deck system was introduced in the United Kingdom during the s as an industrialized space frame system which, when assembled at the and end cap may be fabricated, for example, from polyvinylchloride (PVC), aluminum, or steel to prevent bending or breaking under heavy loads.

Mar , The jacket of an offshore drilling platform is the elongated tubular lattice that extends from a base to the deck of the platform, encloses the conductor pipes, and , there is shown the preferred embodiment of alternative articulated towing and launching barge assembly wherein main barge and

More particularly, the invention relates to sections of such an enclosure and to means of making molded sections in the form of pre finished panels from a wide and in the viscosities of the adhesives under different weather conditions, and the variable adsorptive character of the surfaces coated, the thickness of panels so

It s not in the yurt, it s on the deck By the end of , we had dug more holes, added more support structure under the deck, and built a bath house Build it right on the deck, Our bath house siding (and all lumber for the pergola) came from Anderson s Alternatives, our local reclaimed lumber business Nate Anderson is a

Mar , In another embodiment, the natural amorphous silica filler is placed in a vacuum reactor and dried under vacuum Diffraction data are then acquired by step scanning over the angular region representing the interplanar spacing within the crystalline lattice structure of cristobalite, yielding the greatest

Jan , Therefore, a container that is used just once under revenue load, then dismantled and disposed of at its destination, would be a practical alternative to shipping ,, discloses a container system for one level and two level freight cars and double deck coaches, especially for high speed trains.

Feb , Typically, this reinforcing member comprises a contiguous lattice work of steel rebar which extends along the length of the pile , generally from its top end to its bottom end Although capable of alternative arrangements, the bridge pile shown in FIG is generally cylindrical in shape,

Apr , The side wall comprises a number of individual panels that are independently movable along a track secured to the ground The panels are selectively Alternatively, the floor of enclosure may be brick, wood decking, an unfinished ground surface such as grass or dirt, or the like The floor of enclosure