composite timber landscape retaining wall panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Feb , In a block wall having a running bond pattern (each block resting on two blocks below), such height variations are too large for building stable mortarless for the blocks is preferably concrete, the materials for all parts can be made from any suitable materials such as any plastic, metal, plastic composite,

A block for use in constructing a retaining wall having a bottom with a non planar portion which creates a gap between the bottom surface and the top surface of a lower course of similar blocks when the block is placed This invention relates generally to the construction of retaining walls used in landscaping applications.

Apr , A panel assembly includes a plurality of open faced cells fluidly interconnected for retaining a growing medium and live vegetation in a vertical as but not limited to existing walls including timber, metal or masonry, as well as stands or frames of sufficient structural integrity to retain the panel assembly.

Sep , The entire project is constructed with primary materials concrete, carbon steel, white oak and metal skinned composite panels Major concrete foundations were limited by supporting half of the bridge on an existing concrete retaining wall This wall underwent rigorous testing to verify its strength and

Feb , As well as fitting in perfectly with the surrounding landscape, the building is structured over two floors in a clear and comprehensible manner, making it It is entirely made of wood, with a wooden framework covered with pre tinted larch siding or bakelite coated composite panels in Tectoniques yellow.