composite roofing material non flammable

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Aug , An electrically conductive non woven web for a heating element is formed from a non woven sheet comprising conductive fibers which is saturated with a Carbon black is a preferred conductive material because of its low cost but any conventional material in particulate form such as metal flakes or

Nov , Exterior sloped building roofs have used different materials such as asphalt based products, metal, clay, cement, wood, slate, and rubber, for protecting a Also the flammability ratings of standard coatings or top layering for urethane flat roof systems that are applied after spray foam applications, are not

Jul , The novel composition of the present invention comprises a paper like sheet material or non woven mat which contains water insoluble gypsum There remains a need for a light weight fire resistant underlayment suitable for use in roofing systems and the like which can satisfy Class A and or Class B

Dec , The precursor sealant layer includes a non flowing polyurethane composition that is neither gel like nor tacky and is self supporting The unvulcanized pneumatic tire assembly of claim wherein the non flowing polyurethane composition is a polyurethane based material containing methylene diphenyl

Nov , Many synthetic materials, such as plastics are also flammable, some highly so Since these materials have properties that are difficult to duplicate using non flammable substitutes, much research has focused on how to make these materials less flammable Cellulose, such as in wood and paper, is a

Jan , cedar shakes and shingles help insulate, yet allow the roof to breathe (air circulates under the felt on which shingles are laid) If you need to thatch your Cotswold cottage, consider that Endureed has developed a non flammable, wind and insect resistant thatch made of synthetic reeds bound by a metal

May , From this mixture, products are obtained with crumb rubber from ELT composition having a polymer matrix, using additives to improve the final properties of the with other polymers loads, excellent surface gloss and being able to be incorporated with flame retardant in order to become non flammable.

May , Wood strength is immediately compromised by a roof or pipe water leak, then biologicals Wood has knots and grain Fashioning wood wastes a large fraction of its tree Composite wood fumes formaldehyde and such Rebar versus the Cascadia subduction zone Perpetually wet Vancouver does not build

Nov , ,, entitled Method of Encapsulating a Phase Change Material with a Metal Oxide, filed on Jul and are non flammable, and have lower costs in comparison to organic compounds (Tyagi, et al , Development of phase change materials based microencapsulated technology for buildings

Jun , A method for the preparation of molded nonflammable devulcanized rubber articles, said method comprising It has now been discovered that a formulation useful for preparing roofing materials and other rubber based articles in a manner that provides a high degree of control over stiffness and other

Nov , In the Netherlands, for example, there are rules that spell out what roofing material must be in terms of fire resistance as well as being non toxic, durable, the coating loss, so efficient in a high end roofing product, which is targeted to those buying high end roofs more expensive than asphalt roofs.

Oct , In the present invention, a toxic gas absorbing material is added to the coating composition to remove and eliminate these toxic gases This material absorbs gas acid vapors and causes nonflammable gases such as carbon dioxide and H O to be released upon exposure to flame and fire Typical reaction

Nov , Many of the conventional building materials, including wood, wood composites, siding, glass, roofing, paint, insulation, flooring, foam insulation and related materials can be either flammable or present hazardous risks when in contact with extreme heat and or fire In addition, many of these materials are not

Feb , The wet room includes floor elements, wall elements and ceiling elements composed of core composite material and connected among each other using connection profiles Supply and discharge lines It is therein particularly advantageous to employ non flammable materials The use of panels

A fiber cement composite material providing improved rot resistance and durability, the composite material incorporating biocide treated fibrous pulps to resist This patent is directed to making nonflammable cellulose fiber with addition of a small amount of surface active biocide agents to the outer surfaces of the

Aug , The present invention relates to a lightweight composite material comprising (a) hollow ceramic microspheres (b) cement (c) concrete admixture or non flammable, possess high chemical resistance and in combination with the vacuum in the spheres provide both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Jan , A laminate system of claim wherein the intumescent composition comprises from to percent by weight dry basis of the porous sheet material These agents can, in addition to forming non flammable gases for foaming, interact with the resin and or inorganic polyester to form complex char

Nov , The illustrated roof is made of steel, although similar roofs could be made of other materials, such as aluminum, composite material, or other non metallic material The use of lightweight stainless steel materials may be economical when storing corrosive products A stainless steel roof offers several

May , Roofing is a major exterior protective coating, and the roofing industry has progressed from the familiar built up asphalt roofing to single ply elastomeric U.S Patent ,,, discloses an elastomeric paving material comprising asphalt, asphalt soluble non oil resistant rubbers, and high boiling solvents.

Jan , The fire the third major skyscraper fire in Dubai since has raised renewed fears about the use of highly combustible materials on the exterior Dubai and other UAE destinations is that it is often impossible to tell if your hotel or accommodation block is clad in flammable or non flammable material.

Oct , It would also be desirable to allow non toxic fire retardant materials to be used in textile articles or other materials to provide desired fire retardant The flame followed the roof line, but the algae based composition seemed to dissipate the heat so as not to allow the roof to flame, only to char on the inside.

Aug , A method for rendering a foam substrate resistant to heat and fire, comprising applying at least one layer of intumescent coating composition onto at least one The expandable graphite layers are forced apart by the gas, thereby creating a low density, non combustible, thermally insulating material.

Nov , A composite roof and wall system, three in one fireproof, insulation and waterproofing, which combines fireproof, waterproofing and insulation into one must be rigid and non flammable and is between inches to inches in thickness, placed on the surface of said tough waterproof membrane coating