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Sep , A translucent lightbox hides the concrete interior of Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios first flagship store in Seoul, designed by London architect Sophie Hicks ( slideshow) Acne Studios Seoul flagship by Throughout the day, natural light is diffused through the building s walls When dark outside

Nov , The curtain wall system includes displaceable vertical splines, which when displaced release the opposite vertical side edges of any selected panel The released panels may then be is a broken elevation view, illustrating the interior face of the building wall panel of FIG FIG is across sectional

Aug , Korean firm By Seog Be Seog decorate Seoul restaurant interior with oak The square metre space is located on the second floor of the same building the original restaurant inhabits, and has been designed to encourage regular and new customers of all different ages to dine together in harmony.

Feb , During the day time, the white interior walls are imbued with ceiling color through the reflected daylight, as the color is reflected in To the contrary, during night time, the color is reflected out toward the street through the building s artificial lighting inside Each classroom has a large window with projected

Feb , Instead of approaching these challenging constraints as obstacles to the design they were taken as opportunities to inform the sculptural nature of the building Terraces on higher levels provide green space within the heart of urban Seoul and benefit from spectacular views of the city and Han River.

Sep , Stone tiles and horizontal cement boards were used to define the various volumes of this house in South Korea by architecture studio SPLK county of Cheongdo, Honsinzi House was designed by Daegu based SPLK as a family holiday home close to a lotus pond, from which the building takes its name.

Aug , A clip for attaching and supporting wall panels to a building (such as for an exterior building envelope), a wall panel system, and systems and methods to be supported directly by the framing of the building, and or that does not unnecessarily expose the interior of the barrier panel to additional moisture.


Dec , Leong Leong Architecture designed a square meter store for Phillip Lim in Cheongdam Dong, Seoul s premiere fashion district The store A conical texture that erodes along the interior walls was manufactured into unique foam panel types that could be organized into different erosion patterns.

Sep , Architect Christian de Portzamparc worked together with local architects DPJ Partners, to create the Christian Dior Flagship Store, located in Seoul, South Korea The exterior of the building features a sculptural white facade, that was inspired by the shapes and movement of the fabrics in Dior s fashion

Feb , Built by Piuarch in Seoul, South Korea with surface Images by Shin Kyungsub The Milanese studio Piuarch realizes the new Givenchy flagship store in Seoul (South Korea), in close collaboration w

Sep , The foot tall structure will showcase Korean cloaking technology that utilizes an LED fa?ade fitted with optical cameras that will display the landscape directly behind the building, thus making it invisible.

Jul , Because of those factors, internal changes could come very quickly and very unexpectedly. That would seem to raise the specter of a North Korean collapse, much as East Germany and its neighbors fell apart with the astonishing breach of the Berlin Wall Garlauskas also pointed to non governmental

Sep , Rare concrete was used to build this combined house and library in the South Korean countryside, designed by Seoul based Studio GAON Interior walls are plastered and painted white throughout, while flooring is provided by a mixture of tiles and wooden panels House of Respect and Happiness by

Feb , These asymmetric holiday homes with vivid yellow walls were designed by Korean office Studio Koossino to accommodate visitors travelling to a botanic Bright yellow panels clad the cantilevered upper floors of each building so that they stand out against the green landscape, which the architect says

Oct , Built by Samoo Architects Engineers in Seoul, South Korea with date Sejong daero, Jongno gu, Seoul, South Korea BIM provided solutions to pre construction simulations of interoperability among various disciplines and manufacturing of unique panels and curtain wall systems that was

Apr , However, both cases are not welcomed in a city and ruin the city landscape Development districts of New Downtown in Korea that are fully filled with gigantic real estate goods only emphasize the legal maximum floor area ratio The city identity is represented by the wall covering signs not the presence of

Feb , Photography by Kyungsub Shin When OA Lab were designing this building in Seoul, Korea, they included panels on the facade that have spaces for plants to grow This Kindergarten Has Flowerpots Built In To The Facade Photography by Kyungsub Shin Each of the pockets are large enough for

In FIGURES to the wall panels are inside the members FIGURES to show a modified construction in which curtain wall panels are outside the members They are mounted by means of anchor bolts (one of which is illustrated in the lower part of FIG ) cast into the members at convenient locations,

Sep , A geometric pattern based on the shape of lotus flowers is etched into steel panels on the exterior of this building in the South Korean city of Daegu This part of the building s programme is identified by an exposed concrete exterior, while large glazed surfaces display the activity inside the shop.

May , Chang Ucchin Museum by Chae Pereira Architects Exterior walls are clad with polycarbonate panels, chosen to give the building an apparent weightlessness The surrounding landscape was left largely untouched, with the addition of concrete walls and pathways Chang Ucchin Museum by Chae Pereira

BUILDiNG OF GYPSUM STRUCTURAL WALL ELEMENTS Filed Oct , Sheets Sheet GEORGE E MEYER Dec Interior wallboard of panel and also of the ceiling beams and panels to be later described is of the usual paper covered, gypsum core construction well known to the art and it can be finished

Mar , The building features a shapely facade made up of , aluminium panels of varying sizes and curvatures This was achieved using advanced dimensional digital construction services, making DDP the first public building in Korea to utilise the technology Dongdaemun Design Park and Plaza by Zaha

Jan , The wall panel includes a steel frame and fastening means for securing the frame to steel girders of a building A wall panel having an exterior side and an interior side for use in sheathing the framework of a building, comprising a rectangular frame having an exterior side and an interior side a plurality