what is best solid or hollow composite decking

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Feb , Milk bottles and other hollow goods manufactured through blow molding are the most important application area for HDPEMore than million tons, or nearly Among the tested samples, the composites with of fiber volume fraction demonstrated the best mechanical properties with regards to tensile

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Mar , (f) at least two beam support stiffeners positioned inside the respective hollow axes of said respective beams, said support stiffeners extending for substantially the entire length of The system enables parts to be used with conventional wood, metal, or composite materials for an alternative hybrid pergola.

May , Reinforced composite materials (or prepregs) have conventionally been formed from fibers (e.g carbon or glass fibers) that are impregnated within a A profile is hollow or solid pultruded part that may possess a wide variety of cross sectional shapes, such as square, rectangular, circular, elliptical,

Jun , The present invention relates to composite structural members comprising polymers, natural and synthetic fibers, and nano scale platelets arranged in two or For example, beams with hollow box or I sections are stiffer and stronger in bending than solid sections of the same cross sectional area.

Feb , In particular, the mass murder was very good for an emerging sector of the Israeli economy In Laboratory for a Fortressed World, Naomi Gage says evidence of advanced explosive nano thermitic composite material was found in the World Trade Center dust Of course Rudy Gulliani, mayor of New York

May , an open top and bottom tubular member having spaced front and rear walls and spaced right and left sidewalls connected to the front and rear walls, all of Reference to the figures shows that a solid block is glued or otherwise attached in the hollow space of the newel at the lower end thereof and

Dec , In combination with the underlying fiber foam cement core the cement boards accept and hold nails and screws far better than unbonded fiberglass reinforced cement board Being uniform, solid and without insulating voids or air spaces, a wall constructed in accordance with the invention further provides

Jun , a plurality of spaced apart joists having opposing sides and arranged at substantially right angles to said load bearing members and supported by said load bearing pouring concrete over said deck sheets so as to encompass said shrinkage control mesh and form a generally flat horizontal floor surface.

Mar , Once the walls are created, air pressure can be further utilized to raise this preformed composite dome upward to a predetermined height after which it is fastened to the The field of the invention is containment structures and their construction which structures can be used to hold solid,liquids or gases.

May , d a row of apertures in a left hand side flange portion and in a right hand side flange portion of each of said first and second channel patch members beams and piles for use with a cylindrical pile which may be either hollow or solid, having a deteriorated section such as that shown in FIGS, .

Sep , Standard hollow core sections of precast concrete plank are assembled together perpendicularly to the open web dissymmetric beam and supported upon lateral load requirements associated with potential seismic activity, within a minimum building elevation, and adapted to better maintain its composite

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Apr , Thus, in accordance with this invention, is provided a fabricated steel beam, which may be for composite steel structures with metal deck floors, In such an eventuality a short length of circular hollow section (CHS) may provide the strengthening of appropriate outside diameter and wall thickness.

Dec , This invention relates to a formulation with the addition of low density additives of volcanic ash, hollow ceramic microspheres or a combination of microspheres In addition, it is highly preferred in some applications that the material also have a low saturated mass, good freeze thaw resistance, and high

Jun , The present invention is directed toward a novel moment resisting connection system, for use, but not limited to, with a pony truss bridge system The connection system comprises multi hollow sections that can be, but are not limited to, extruded aluminum and a joint or node connector that can be casted,

Sep , a, b, show a corrugated insert and a solid rectangular cut out insert As far as these profiles are concerned they are preferably uneven such that the distance and are substantially the same thus allowing a good fit of identical inserts with each other This leads perforce to the distance being less than

Apr , The structural system comprises a composite structure comprising an unfilled grating as a base component, and a prestressed, post tensioned yields better moment distribution, mobilizing more main bearing bars, and reducing the moment the deck has to handle from service loads in the direction of the

Jan , Each of the illustrated frame members , are hollow and comprise aluminum in order to reduce weight but it is noted that the frame members , can alternatively be solid and or comprise any other suitable material such as, for example, carbon fiber composite, but it may result in a heavier and or