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group of happy people enjoying a beautifully designed outdoor kitchen View as slideshow Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn Been hankering for an open air cooking area Here, our guide to the ingredients it takes to make a five star space Incorporate as many as you likeand as your budget allowsthen save the

Apr , Not only do raised beds provide benefits like ample garden space at a reasonable price, they also offer versatility for those with a larger area to fill Before purchasing your plants (or planting your seeds), mark out areas of sun and shade in your yard, patio, or balcony, and place containers accordingly.

Jun , Have you vowed to use your patio or deck more this summer Meals outside, lounging, fresh air naps You re going to need one of these sun shielding umbrellas No excuses, they re all under bucks See More Archive Good Questions Convertible Coffee Dining Tables Archive Things You Already

Jun , If you like to spend time outdoors and in the fresh air, then shade will be important There are many ways to have a shady backyard if you want to have your own outdoor oasis A DIY shade cover is a great way to create a shady backyard oasis This can easily be done if you have a few basic materials on

Mar , You can make an outdoor fish paradise of your own, for less than you might think But you ll need And if you ve got the time even just one free weekend Leidner says you can build your own backyard fish pond for about , Here s what Pros They are common and fairly inexpensive You can

May , Need to block out some sunlight and glare from your laptop screen during outdoor photo shoots Instead of dropping some cash on a pricey sun shade or hood, you could go a thriftier route and use an IKEA storage box instead They cost just that will fry the laptop no where for warm air to exit Grive

Apr , You can use them to create living wreaths, roofs and tapestries, vertical gardens, fairy homes, terrariums and anything else where bulletproof beauty is Provide container grown succulents with a free draining potting mix and a pot that has a drainage hole and if growing outdoors, plant them in soil with

It s an easy and relatively inexpensive way to create privacy, ambiance, and add a lot of curb appeal to your porch Outdoor Curtains For Shade, Privacy, and Protection Outdoor curtains provide instant curb appeal along with helping you create a stylish porch Who doesn t love the look of wispy curtains blowing softly on

Aug , These provide a real sense of having a room outside that s open to the sky and air and nature, while still being very much a part of the home While the cost of such a structure can vary widely depending on style, size, finishes etc expect that you ll be well into a five figure budget for one And don t forget

Jun , CNET reader Jason wants to know if he has to get a TV specifically rated to work outside, or if any TV will do Geoff Morrison In the cold, once the air warms up (like when night turns to day), water can condense and creating shockingly bad problems Get something cheap, too, as it will probably break.

Jun , Holtzman recommends taking an outdoor run around campus or hitting the Wellness and Recreation Center in the morning to limit your sun exposure She says doing a few laps in the pool is also a great way to stay active and refreshed Workout in the shade The outdoors don t have to be uncharted

Jul , Air dry Let the sun dry your clothes and wet towels rather than the clothes dryer Install outdoor solar lighting One of the best backyard energy saving tips is Make the switch to ENERGY STAR outdoor appliances They use less energy and help the environment as well Create shade Install awnings on

Oct , Over or under It depends on how you want your shades to look, how much light you want to block and other factors You don t see the fabric on the tube, so this creates a more finished look without the need for a valance Reverse rolls are also used for Contemporary Patio by DECO Window Fashions.

Apr , A beautiful modern canopy like this creates a separate outdoor room The sheer panels help keep wind, noise and bugs at bay without completely blocking out your surroundings Gazebos by Rimbou Icarus Shade Leaf.

Mar , Growing mushrooms outdoors is much easier than you may think Primarily, I grow Use caution not to drill too deep, as that leaves a dry air pocket Drilling pattern for You can create your own shade with a percent shade cloth draped over st bales with logs laid in between Logs under deck

Jun , Traditional Porch by Liston Design Build Liston Design Build Fans If it s still degrees in the shade and too muggy to really enjoy yourself, a cool breeze will circulate the air to make the heat degrees more bearable, as well as keep mosquitoes at bay Available in chic brushed aluminum, or in styles

May , We purchased some pebble stones on sale and gathered numerous large stones and rocks from our field and our surrounding neighbors yards and fields We then added a few potted plants that grow well in shaded areas. Keep in mind, you can buy cubic feet of river pebbles for as little as at

Jun , You just bought or rented a New York City apartment with private outdoor space Congratulationsyou are now officially the envy of percent of city dwellers without outdoor space to call their own If it s your first time having al fresco access all to yourself, you may have a few questions about what you

Mar , Is it just us or is spring in the air Creating a personal fire pit for your backyard using inexpensive materials is surprisingly easy and a fire pit is perfect for entertaining late into the night on the patio when We like the idea of creating a dimensional plan of sun and shade in our outdoor living spaces.

Oct , When you combine these factors with plants growing faster in a hydroponic environment, you ve created the perfect storm for oxygen deprivation And when that happens you open yourself and your grow up to pathogens like pythium For best results, you want your air temperature to be higher than your