cover up ugly concrete patio

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Jan , We applied an epoxy garage floor coating to cover the ugly oil stains and give the shop a nice, polished look I m amazed at the difference the floor This is so critical because dirt, debris, oil, paint, and other junk can prevent the coating from adhering to the concrete slab If that happens, your floor will

The best floor stencils for stenciling your wood or concrete floors Plus helpful tips And all of those details add interest as well as hiding problem spots The best floor Porch and floor paint is great because it is self leveling and is specifically formulated to hold up to the wear and tear of people walking all over it (You can

Aug , So, you re in for a treat, because almost exactly one year and three months ago, our front and back yard full of concrete and ugly shrubs was entirely The big Rhododendron beside it we moved in front of the cedar hedge on the left side of the vegetable garden to cover up the bare spot in the cedar after

Aug , Last spring, my husband stained the concrete patio in our backyard to spruce it up and I shared the process A large site highlighted my post on their Facebook page and the comments rolled in Most people wanted to discuss the concrete, but there was a lot of interest in my garage as well It is covered in

Aug , In this photo of the porch two Christmases ago, you ll see some concrete planters on either side of the steps I ve never been crazy It isn t fluted all the way around and is just kind of ugly in person So it and the other one Do you think it would cover up the lattice design too much Also, do you think the

Aug , Do you have a space in your house or yard that is just plain ugly So ugly But I m going to show it to you today because we decided to turn that ugly spot into a space we we love now! For us I d love to get an outdoor rug to cover the stained concrete, but I m waiting to see if they go on clearance Later

Jul , There was one more project that I completed while transforming our backyard space that I forgot to tell you about! Let s call it Project Can We Please Hide That Ugly Electrical Box ! I realize that this might not bother some peoplebut for those of us who are Type A just a little bit OCD, this eye sore

Watch this video to find out about the pros and cons of different driveway materials for your home, including gravel, asphalt, and concrete But on the downside, it s not very smooth, weeds can grow through it, and eventually the gravel will end up in the lawn Asphalt is more expensive but creates a smooth, solid surface

May , Leading up to Clara s birthday on Saturday I was thinking random stuff like I really should touch up some of the caulk in the sunroom before everyone That along with the cracking and flaking paint, ugly meter box, and our inability to keep the hose tamed made for a pretty unkempt look for Saturday s

Jun , Define a patio, build a path, make a fire pit learn about flagstone s many uses, plus costs and considerations, here Larger and thicker pieces are sometimes called stand up, because they can stand on their sides in a rack That means laying the flagstone on concrete and then mortaring the joints.

May , It will sit on our patio and give us much needed shade and serve as our sukkah in the fall (How easy is that Just add walls and sechach!) But before the work on the trellis can begin I had to do something with the ugly concrete that made up the patio My first choice was to cover it with either brick pavers or

Since the early th century Stucco has been used to cover less appealing construction materials such as concrete, metal and cinder block Designed for outside use, it wasn t until They love to entertain but shied away from barbeques and parties due to a couple ugly cinderblock walls With their son s birthday coming up

Jun , At first, we calculated that two bulk bags of MOT would be enough to cover our driveway, but it wasn t even close so we had to order another two bags, which still turned out to not be quite enough and we ended up having to order another fifth bag to reach the height we needed Needless to say not one of

Sep , And it was just UGLY! Kinda embarrassing since our backyard can be seen from the park Park View Has Potential BEFORE PICTURE Here s a quick run down of everything we ve done to this back yard Removed several shrubs and trees Removed the old patio cover, the sunken concrete patio, and

May , We thought it would be informative to share some tips to hang a porch swing safely and also warn you of the potential dangers of being diy ers Dangers YES, I nearly I still need to find a creative way to cover those uneven, ugly holes DIY fail, porch DIY painted striped concrete flooring Check out this

Jun , The deluge of acorns each year is like having someone cover your entire yard with a million marblesmiserable to walk on And everything you try to grow When we built our house, we had an ugly concrete sidewalk broken tile patio, common in the s Our son is a landscaper tore it all out built a

We just did a similar outside area, lots of ugly concrete, cinder block, and stone, but using semi transparent concrete stain in sand, Browns, copper colors not paint, it transformed the area into a more Regarding the cardboard weed preventer method, could I use dead leaves to cover the cardboard instead of tree bits