simple green for cleaning composite decks

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, To address this problem, new for the decking season are composite deck boards that optimize heat reflection MoistureShield composite decking with Coolk technology absorbs up to less heat than conventional capped composites in similar colors The result is a noticeably lower surface

Watch this video from home improvement expert Danny Lipford to find out how long you need to let pressure treated wood dry before staining a wooden deck Depending on the wood and drying conditions, you should usually wait to weeks after installation before staining a deck Clean a Wood k for Staining.

, Composite decking manufacturers now offer not only different colors, but also textures and even copies of grain patterns of tropical hardwoods Cons In climates where green things grow on surfaces, no matter what you do, a power washer will still be necessary to keep your deck looking new Cost to

, MMMMGrease It sure does make food taste great, but over time, the oils and fats used while cooking slowly coat the surfaces in your kitchen to make them look grimy When wood cabinets get covered over time, the result is a brown or yellow film that s sticky to the touch, and incredibly difficult to remove

Watch this video to find out how to use a pressure washer to clean your car without damaging the finish Use a nozzle with a wide spray pattern (usually the green nozzle tip) to avoid damaging the paint Wash the car Use the washer s wand to help you wash hard to reach areas, like wheel arches and running boards.

Watch this video for tips on how long you need to wait before sealing or staining a new wood deck If the wood came still wet with preservative, allow it to dry about days before applying stain or sealer To test the wood to see if it s dry enough to stain or seal Wood deck before staining Clean a Wood k for Staining

Simple, yet effective, arsenal for cleaning most wood furniture Freshly polished wood furniture really makes a home sparkle, but most commercial furniture polishes are full of artificial fragrances, residues, chemicals, and propellants that I d rather not have floating around in the air of my home or building up on the surfaces

When installing a deck, hidden fasteners are the way to go, but they re often only available for composite decking Now, thanks to the Kreg k Jig, available from Woodcraft, unsightly screw or nail holes in a wood deck are a thing of the past Simply install the stop collar on the drill bit, position the Kreg k Jig against the

Watch this video to find out how to clean TV screens, computer monitors, and the screens on other electronic devices Instead use either special LCD cleaning wipes, or a microfiber cloth dampened with water Be sure So, you may as well just keep it simple, use a microfiber cloth and just a little bit of water to dampen it.

, The same homeowners that had Steve s crew build a custom shed have contracted him again to construct a new, composite deck on the back of their If this still seems confusing, Todd from Home Construction Improvement has a very simple Stair Stringer Calculator spreadsheet you can download for

, Grout lines in tile floors can become dirty and stained over time Clean the grout with a mixture of water, dishwashing detergent, and bleach using a scrub brush or old toothbrush If the grout still won t come clean, you might want to consider applying a grout stain to make the grout all a uniform color.